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February 19, 2022

OnlyFans Paid Me to Wash My Hair, and I Quit My Healthcare Job – I Earn £51k Per Month

Former healthcare worker opts for a career as an OnlyFans model, which allows her to earn a staggering £51,000 per month.

As a full-time team leader at a care institution housing children and adults with autism, Belle Grace decided to open an OnlyFans page in May 2020 to earn extra money.

After earning a whopping £49,000 in her first Month on OnlyFans, she quit her healthcare job and made OnlyFans her full-time career.

I had just left my ‘vanilla job’ as a team leader in the care industry ten days earlier.

Supportive people surround me. They know how well I am doing financially, and they encourage me to keep going while I can.

Currently, the 26-year-old model earns an average of £51,000 a month from OnlyFans content, but it’s not all smooth sailing, as Belle revealed she was once paid almost £300 by a man who wanted to watch her wash her hair.

Because of my long hair, I get requests for tickle videos, hair washing videos, and hair plaiting videos.

“One guy paid $400 (£295) just for me to wash and brush my hair while watching the water drip from the bottom of the shower.”

One dedicated fan has spent a total of £20,000 on the OnlyFans star, giving her money for clothes, meals, and tips for her content.

In addition to sharing her content on TikTok, Belle also receives hateful messages, and she says she receives death threats “all the time.” There is a hate comment on every video I upload on TikTok — it’s by far the worst app for all kinds of hate.

It would be better to thank them for boosting my video rather than delete the comments. Do not let such things defeat you.”

Despite the negative aspects of TikTok, Belle is grateful for one video that went viral shortly after she quit her healthcare job and led to a significant payday for her – as it led to more followers and more sales for her OnlyFans account.

She used a special effects transition to create the illusion that her clothes fell to the ground as she morphed through the wall. She entered the room only wearing Calvin Klein underwear.

Her following increased from 22,000 to one million in a week, which helped boost her page on OnlyFans, which earned her money.

Belle now works 16 hours a day, seven days a week, to grow her platform.

Although she occasionally enjoys splurging, she is sensible with her money and plans to invest soon.
80% of her money is in a business account, looking for future investments.

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