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May 19, 2024

OnlyFans Photo Showed Kerry Katona Stripped Down To Lingerie

Kerry spoke exclusively to The Sun about how her fortunes have changed.

KERRY Katona received a barrage of criticism after releasing her latest sexual photo. Fans of the 43-year-old mother of five urged, “You are better than this,” as she stripped down to a white lace bra and matching underwear.

Kerry teased OnlyFans in a raunchy shot by wearing a floral robe and squatting on her bed. The Atomic Kitten singer sat with a sexy pout on her floral-patterned yellow bedding.

In her caption, she added, “My Summer Sale @onlyfans starts now!” However, this enraged some of her followers, with one yelling, “Kerry, what are you doing?” “You are better than this!”

A second option: “Don’t cheapen yourself!” You’re better than this. A third wrote, “Literally no!” Seriously, Kerry! Indeed, there are better ways to earn money than this!” Despite this, the TV star’s followers quickly rallied around her. One wrote, “I mean, she’s a millionaire. I am confident she does not care a s**t.”

A second said, “She wants to do it, so if she is happy, let’s not judge.”

A third said, “Hey, it’s legal and pays the bills.” Kerry may have the last laugh after the subscription service turned her into a millionaire.

Kerry made a substantial financial confession last year. Kerry revealed to The Sun that she had made over a million pounds while promoting her memoirs in paperback format.

She replied, “Yes, I’ve made more than that. I can’t put a number to it. I am a billionaire!!

“I will give myself credit.”I am a grafter; I grew up in a foster home, attended eight schools, sold clothing at car boot sales, was a lap dancer, joined a girl band, became the face of Iceland, became a millionaire, went bankrupt, lost everything, became a billionaire again, went bankrupt again, and then became a millionaire again. “Who does it?”

Kerry braved bankruptcy to accomplish her feat. She said, “I will do Onlyfans as long as I get money.

“So long as they want it. You can acquire anything there; it isn’t simply young attractive birds. “I am 43 in September, and it’s dead easy.”I could sit here, get a t*t out and earn some money, or photograph my feet. “Why not?”

The Eternal Flame singer said, “We don’t have Nuts, Zoo, or FHM anymore.” I began off as a page-three model. I have fantastic t*ts. I am not a brain scientist, am I?

“I created my other companies, Marnie and M Fit, with the money I made from OF. My children have had private education. Forget the size of the mansion and the Lamborghini.

“Money doesn’t make you happy but gives you options.” Kerry previously acknowledged struggling so severely during the coronavirus outbreak that she was unable to pay her rent.

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