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September 22, 2023

OnlyFans Star Jessica Smith Dumped Jailed Stephen Bear – Now He Wants Her To Take Him Back

After being jailed for recording and leaking a sex tape of his ex-Georgia Harrison without consent, Stephen Bear got dumped by his fiancee.

In a letter to friends, Jessica Smith said the relationship was “fake and toxic.”

It took her a long time to realize, but Stephen has always been fake and toxic. Jessica, 24, dumped the jailed reality TV star two weeks ago, leaving him stunned. She said she was better off without him and ready to move on with her life.

According to a source close to her, she has blocked Bear’s number and cut off all ties with him.

Georgia was spotted moving out of Bear’s Essex home six weeks ago, which he had to sell to pay Georgia £207,000 in damages.

A jury in March found Bear guilty of voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private photographs and films of his ex-girlfriend.

Jessica has promised to stand by her boyfriend as he is sentenced to 21 months in prison. There was a verdict for $207,900 in damages in an image abuse case in July.

Jessica was pictured moving boxes out with his brother last month after Bear sold his three-bedroom end-of-terrace house for £525,000.

Since then, the OnlyFans model has lived with her parents. Using a picture of her tea, she captioned, “perks of living at my parents’ heheheh.”

Friends say it’s over now. As it turns out, Bear got almost £16,000 from the public purse to pay for his sex tape lawsuit. And he lives in a £500,000 house while claiming to be a millionaire.




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