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December 18, 2023

OnlyFans Star’s Girlfriend Accuses Sideman of Cheating, But Fans Suspect a Publicity Stunt

OnlyFans model Lauren Alexis is accused of cheating on Sidemen member Ethan “Behzinga.” The scandal may be a publicity stunt, though.

Faith Kelly shared her concerns via TikTok, saying: “[Ethan] blocked me on Instagram after I found them together. I don’t know what’s going on.”
A new Christmas song was quickly speculated to be part of a larger stunt to draw attention to her comments.

The theory was backed up by fans who shared Faith’s past clip, saying she wanted to create a buzz before the release, which featured Behzinga, Lauren, and Faith.

“My new song is going to cause drama and online speculation, and I want people to talk about it,” she said. Many fans thought the footage was a PR stunt, calling it “the biggest one ever.”

Adding to the fake news rumor, another person described the people as “very weird.”

According to a third: “If it’s a promo, it’s awful.”

In the meantime, others called out attention-seeking social media behaviors, writing: “This culture of inciting drama for views needs to end…It won’t… but there’s no reason it shouldn’t.”

Another X user wrote: “It appears to be staged – they must also have a child. How shameful.”

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