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June 8, 2022

OnlyFans Welcomes Tziporah Malkah At 48: James Packer’s Ex-Fiancée – Formerly Kate Fischer – Commences Adult Career On Her Father’s Birthday

‘It girl’ Tziporah Malkah, known for her ill-fated engagement to billionaire James Packer, has joined OnlyFans.

She is known as Kate Fischer and, At 48, announced her new adult career on Monday with a rather bizarre Instagram post. She also wished a happy 79th birthday to her father in the same position.

‘Because you’re an atheist, I won’t talk about all the ways God can bless you, not in public anyway,’ she said.

My thoughts are whispering, ‘I love you so much.’ That’s Tziporah. After that, she teased, adding a link to her Facebook profile on OnlyFans, hoping that she would launch her page as soon as possible.

With a fee of $22 (US$16.30), fans can access exclusive content too risqué for Instagram. The first video on Tziporah’s OnlyFans account, which is behind a paywall, mentions her father.

By launching my account on his birthday, I thought it was optimistic and a suitable way to honor him. Please stay tuned; there’s a lot more to come!’

The former model was stripped for a photo shoot for New Idea in June 2021. Tziporah shared intimate details about her bedtime routine in the accompanying interview.

‘I am open-minded and optimistic, but I am not this big raunch girl at home. She said, ‘I think that’s where I’ve hit a snag with dating and relationships.

Fans keep bludgeoning me with, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” because they want the bells and whistles I am perhaps better known for.

Healthy eating, surgery, and hypnotherapy helped Tziporah lose 50kg. In 2020, she revealed her weight-loss transformation on Nine’s A Current Affair.

Additionally, she had a ‘mini lipo tuck’ and a Brazilian butt lift and worked with Mark Stephens, a hypnotherapist specializing in weight loss.

‘I’m very proud but extremely vain too! Right now, I love myself,’ she said through tears. Her weight ballooned after Tziporah relocated to the United States in the early 2000s.

While appearing on I’m a Celebrity…, she tipped the scales at 120kg; she decided to lose weight. “Get Me Out of Here!” she cried. The year was 2017.

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