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June 1, 2023

OnlyFans’s $30,000 Per Month Maker Rejects the Idea that It Is a Source of Easy Income

In the media, there are seemingly countless headlines about people who are working full-time on OnlyFans instead of their regular nine-to-five jobs. Every month, some earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The amount that can be made on this platform is astounding. There are numerous articles describing a person’s journey to success, making it appear easy to follow.

However, an OnlyFans model disputes the assumption that this field consists of nothing more than posting racy pictures. Averaging around $30,000 per month from OnlyFans, Laura Lux has issued a warning to anyone considering giving up everything to work for the company.

A stripper before joining the platform, she described her early sexualization in an essay to Insider. She stated that she might as well turn that into a fun, financially secure career. She joined the platform OnlyFans, at a time when there was a boom in content creation. As far as Laura is concerned, she does not offer anything hardcore, but she does post every day, and if users wish to receive something spicier, they will be required to pay. On a daily basis, she spends much of her time sitting at a desk and completing administrative and planning tasks.

According to her article for Insider, “In the morning, I usually ask subscribers what their plans for the week are. Or I’ll say, ‘Hope everyone’s having a great Monday!’ Then I will spend some time talking with the people who respond.” “I edit some content or take some photos.” She often converses with her subscribers, and this takes a significant amount of time.

Among Ms Lux’s many accomplishments on OnlyFans, she attributes her popularity on Instagram to the fact that she has millions of followers. It is strongly recommended that you seriously consider the consequences of creating an OnlyFans account if you are considering doing so.

” It is a myth that online sex work is easy money, but it is not at all. Making money on OnlyFans is hard work. “My success is largely due to the fact that I already had an audience from MySpace, followed by Instagram and Patreon, so I did not have to start from scratch.”

In addition, she warns wannabe OnlyFans stars that whatever they post will likely live on forever, so they must prepare themselves for this eventuality. Consequently, if you are unsure whether you want explicit images and videos of yourself to be made public, do not post them.

“This is not likely to generate much income for you OnlyFans, regardless of what some creators tell you. “Success requires a combination of OnlyFans is social media activity, which involves dealing with people who make derogatory comments about your sex work.”

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