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December 12, 2023

Ousted Aides For An OnlyFans Account targeted My Daughter

Rep. Brandon Williams claims he was threatened with exposing his daughter during the altercation.

Republicans in Congress accuse a former top aide of exposing his daughter’s OnlyFans account on a “vindictive” basis.

It’s reported that Williams (R-NY)’ former legislative director and chief of staff, used his daughter’s account on OnlyFans. This site allows people to charge for access to sexually explicit content as a retaliation against him.

After Williams fired the two former employees, Michael Gordon and Ryan Sweeney, they threatened to expose his daughter.

His bold decision to go public about the feud is a bet that outlining its highly personal details will improve his political prospects.

A Syracuse University student journalist shared a video showing him confronting Gordon outside a Washington holiday party.

Despite Gordon’s efforts, Williams said, “I simply will not allow that to happen.”

He won by one percentage point in his race for a first-term seat in a battleground state. In 2024, he is one of the Democratic Party’s top targets.

Congressman Williams’ allegations against Gordon are categorically false, Gordon said, declining to comment further. He called the congressman’s accusations “completely untrue.”

Williams found himself in political trouble after Sweeney filmed the confrontation with Gordon last week. Santos, expelled from Congress for a litany of criminal misdeeds, called for Williams’s House Ethics Committee investigation because of his behavior on the video the day before. Santos and other New York Republicans drove the expulsion.

“When Williams confronts Gordon outside the party, he points his finger at Gordon and threatens to end their relationship.” Gordon denies the allegations.

In his statement, Williams said the clash started after he gave Gordon 30 days to find new employment. As a result, the ousted aide contacted a Republican campaign consultant close to the lawmaker.

The interviewer said Gordon had shared details of the OnlyFans account widely with other congressional staffers a few days before the altercation. The lawmaker also recalled Gordon saying rude things about Williams’ wife.

The lawmaker recalled that Gordon lived at Williams’ house during his campaign. However, after living together for months and working closely in D.C, their relationship unraveled, according to Williams, who called his former chief of staff “a deeply broken individual.”

Sweeney was fired for performance-related reasons. After settling into Congress, Williams claimed that he reshaped the work environment by removing hires Gordon had made and was surrounded by a team he was proud of.

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