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April 4, 2022

Over $1.3 Million Was Spent On This OnlyFans Star’s Plastic Surgery

She had work done on her boobs, butt, and even her vagina for over a year and a half.

Chloe Khan has revealed she has spent $1 million on plastic surgery, like on her boobs, bum, and even her vagina.

The glamour model, 29, also says she raked in millions from OnlyFans to pay for cosmetic surgery. Chloe said exclusively to The Sun: “Oh my god – how much have I spent on surgery”? Overall, I’d say a million pounds.

In addition to surgery, we offer hair extensions, facials, skincare, and non-surgical procedures. Additionally, I’m always at the hair salon, and I have a lot of upkeep.”

She also explained what she has done over the years, putting any speculation to rest. The influencer has only had two boob jobs, which people don’t believe since her boobs are so big. But she will get another boob job soon.

“I want a refresh. I don’t desire to go bigger or smaller. I’d instead remain the same size.

I’ve also had veneers, three nose jobs, two sets of butt implants, and a Brazilian Bum Lift. Don’t forget my designer vagina either!” she added.

According to her, her augmented lady parts are beautified; they can be tightened, and I feel a change.

The woman insisted: “I didn’t do it because I had a baby. I didn’t need it there, but the bum implant surgery is invasive, and it requires a great deal of downtime, so I thought I’d rather suffer from multiple rewards than just one. “A penny saved is a penny earned. So I got a little designer vagina while I was there. It was quite cute.”

“I got an infection in my butt implants, so I had to have them changed,” Chloe reveals.

The glam brunette, who shot to fame on The X Factor back in 2010 and has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, says she won’t be gracing our screens again. “I’m done with reality TV,” she vows. “My big thing is OnlyFans – it’s crazy money. It’s crazy, crazy money. I’ve been on it for four years, and I’ve been on it from the early days before it was tremendous, so I got close to the whole company.

“I’ve been a long-standing OnlyFans person and I’ve definitely made into the millions. I’ve done extremely well on there. I’m in the very top ranks of it. ” The Wakefield-born model, who has lived in Las Vegas and Dubai and worked as a Playboy model, also talked about Katie Price joining the platform.

“I think Katie Price has been given a large sum of money to join, so she doesn’t care what she posts or what she puts on there, “Chloe says.

She has been headhunted to join, and they have a large budget to get prominent people. It sounds like they’re offering crazy compensation to join. Chloe is sympathetic to Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn, who was fired after appearing on the racy side.

“I felt really sorry for Sarah,” she adds. “For me OnlyFans is only another form of social media, but with sexier content. I don’t see it as something seedy or strange.”

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