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August 24, 2023

Owner of Australian Restaurant Defends ‘Tasteless’ OnlyFans Advertisement

For the promotion of Taco Tuesdays and other events at the Grange restaurant, Beefy Birrias has partnered with OnlyFans creator Millionaire and adult entertainer Sanchez Rodreguez to create an eye-catching series of photos and videos that have been shared on Instagram and Facebook since this month.

However, while some customers have been attracted to the raunchy posts, others have been turned off.

The following comment followed a video of Mr. Rodreguez eating his meal off Millyonaire’s chest: “I hope your Birria tacos are not this tasteless.” “These ads are off-putting to me,” said another.

Another individual commented, “This is the weirdest way to destroy your own business I have ever seen.” Several individuals questioned whether or not the posts were genuine.

In response to some negative comments, Millionaire requested people to look at the posts with levity.



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