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May 14, 2024

People Deserve To See OnlyFans Model Flashes In Front Of Video Portal Linking New York City And Dublin

New Yorkers greet people in Dublin during the unveiling of The Portal, a public technology artwork connecting Dublin, Ireland, and Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood.


Ava Louise, who has over 400,000 Instagram followers, claimed credit for pushing the portal’s organizers to shut it down.


Ava Louise, an OnlyFans model, flashed the New York to Dublin gateway on Sunday, prompting officials to prevent indecent behavior on the video portal connecting people in New York City to the Irish capital, Dublin.


Ava Louise, an OnlyFans model, caused quite a sensation by flashing during a live broadcast from New York to Dublin. The portal aims to provide a “bridge to a united planet.”


Louise was not the only person who committed lewd behaviors on the live video gateway; many others did the same.


With over 400,000 Instagram followers, the model appeared to boast that the organizers had halted the site livestream because of her.


Similar incidents were reported in the Irish capital as well.

Dublin City Council has announced steps to change the operation of a visual art installation that connects Dublin to New York in response to accusations of inappropriate behavior and indecent behaviors.


The installation consists of a giant circular screen near the intersection of North Earl Street and O’Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland. This screen displays a 24-hour livestream feed, allowing viewers in Dublin to watch real-time happenings in New York City, United States.


Similarly, a screen and webcam in New York City allow spectators to watch the activity in Dublin in real time.


According to the New York Post, persons from Dublin displayed swastikas and a photo of the Twin Towers in a fire on 9/11.


“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see two New York, homegrown potatoes,” Ava Louise stated in the video she released, which shows her lifting her tank top in front of the portal to reveal her breasts.

“Unfortunately, people aren’t acting appropriately,” a staff member said.


Portals Organization, the Lithuanian business that set up the installation, hoped it would serve as a “bridge to a united planet.”


The project was temporarily unavailable due to a technical issue; however, operations have resumed.

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