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December 14, 2023

People Stunned by Amouranth’s OnlyFans Earnings

With the reveal of how much Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa earns by posting explicit videos on Twitch, her fans were left blown away.

Morgpie claimed she became wealthy by posting ‘hot tub content’ on Twitch to make money. However, this revelation refuted those claims.

A topless stream by Morgpie went viral on Twitch, and soon, her platform read, “We are removing this channel due to violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines.”

Later, she told Dexerto that other streamers had found ways to bend the rules after being banned. According to Morgpie, Amouranth abused Twitch’s terms of service (ToS) to accumulate vast resources.

According to her, people have been looking for ways to poke holes in the Terms of Service for years on Twitch. There’s a reason Amouranth is as rich as she is. “The public sees what Amouranth did with the hot tub streams and considers the potential for success.”

“You can watch or opt not to watch this kind of content on Twitch, but it is ultimately allowed.” In response, Amouranth – who also posts suggestive content on OnlyFans – reacted to the accusations on X (formerly Twitter).

According to her now-viral tweet, neither hot tubs nor poking holes in TOS will make me wealthy.

In addition to the mild entertainment fans received from the spat between the online star and Morgpie, they were shocked to learn just how much Amouranth makes from uploading content.

“I made $500-600k per month on OF before hot tubs became popular, and probably an additional 750k per month by 2020.”

As the social media star continued, “I saved most of the windfall, invested it, and worked relentlessly for 6+ years straight to become wealthy.”

She has since been praised by fans, with one calling her a ‘hustler’ and saying ‘you deserve it all.’ One of her Twitter followers defended her, saying, “If hot tubs made us all rich, we’d all be buying them…”

“The number of streams you’ve had in five years is outrageous,” said a third. I worked 12 hours a day (average) for five years straight! Respect, man. “It was hard to stream 8 hours 5 times a week.”

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