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January 3, 2022

Possibility Of Lizbeth Rodriguez Could Account on OnlyFans

Once again, Lizbeth Rodriguez has left some fans speechless, as she plans to launch a page of exclusive content on the famous British platform.

Her Instagram stories showed her in the picture, edited the image into a video and paired it with the track 0nly Fans (Remix) by  Martino, Lunay & Mike Towers Feat Jhy Cortez, Arcángil, Dareell, *engo Flor, Bray & Joyce Santana.

She appears completely naked, leaving one of her charms exposed. Lizbeth Rodriguez is covering part of his charm with one of his hands while smiling and sticking out his tongue.

Danna Paola, in the style of Eiza González welcomes the new year in this video.

Suppose you wonder why we hypothesize that the former Badabun is launching an account for only fans. In that case, in the image, she wrote, “Save money for the subscription,” to access the content of these accounts, you must subscribe.

Lizbeth Rodr*guez always aims to impact Internet users with her content on Instagram.

Another possibility is that the flirtatious Youtuber likes to stir up controversy, and the comment she made was meant to emphasize the song that was playing in the background.

Others love Lizbeth because she does what she wants, but in reality, few celebrities do what they want without thinking about the opinion of others, such as Celia Lora, a good friend of Lizbeth.

Despite this, she has also been subjected to numerous criticisms, which she doesn’t seem to take into account. With such criticism, her popularity only increases because the public is more aware of her, while many more become fans.

The fame of Lizbeth Rodriguez as a Youtuber

Thanks to Exponiendo Infieles, Lizbeth Rodriguez gained popularity as La Chica Badabun, a name that soon slipped into obscurity after becoming independent after it dispensed with her services.

She is now an entrepreneur as an independent woman, although her career as a YouTuber is still latent. Still, she is not as well known as a couple of years ago.

The more controversial her name, the more it will continue to trend. Recently, she launched a new YouTube channel called “Lizbun.” She gives money to the public by answering some questions.

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