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August 24, 2022

Reggie’s Housemate Teases Him About Joining OnlyFans: ‘Sexy’

A few photos of Reggie Bird in a small bikini have sent fans into a frenzy.

She looked sensational in her black bikini with white details and her Byron Bay Brewery beer sitting on her lap as she lapped the sun.

The weather was beautiful today. The vitamin D fix was much needed,” she wrote alongside the pictures.
Within minutes, Josh Gouds teased that her revealing photos were actually from OnlyFans, a popular adult subscription service.

“These are the best OnlyFans I follow,” he commented, and Reggie replied with emojis of laughter.

She looked stunning and sexy for her age, with some Reggie’s fans saying she looked “stunning.” “What a beautiful picture of you, Reg,” one fan wrote, while another added that she was “living the dream.”

Another wrote, “Reggie, what a beautiful day! Enjoy that nice cold beer. Also, I just want to comment on how beautiful you look.” “You look amazing! I love your bikini top,” said another fan.”

Reggie recently slammed criticism that she only won Big Brother because of sympathy votes this year.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle she was glad to be able to represent people with disabilities on TV and that she was proud of her win.
As a result of retinitis pigmentosa, the ‘Aussie battler’ is legally blind. As a result of having nine degrees of pinhole vision, she compares it to looking through a straw.

Many online viewers criticized the star, saying she “didn’t deserve the win” and that she “played for sympathy from the beginning.”

As she said, “I never once played the sympathy card at home.” Even though she is blind, she did all the challenges, gave it all she had, and never asked Big Brother to make any changes to anything.

As a result of her disability, she is a stronger person, and she was able to “battle it out” against her non-disabled housemates.
Being able to go in there with a disability was incredible. I’m so proud of myself.

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