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November 24, 2023

Relative Shares Explicit Content On Group Chat, Australian Family Disowns OnlyFans Star

Her family members disowned her after a relative found her X-rated account and shared a screenshot of it in a family group chat. She’s one of Australia’s most successful OnlyFans stars, who made $1 million in her first year on the platform.

Kayla Jade East got a message from another close family member about a rogue in the family who shared her explicit pictures.

In the Daily Mail, she reported she didn’t want to “throw it in their face” by setting up alternative social media accounts to promote her stuff.

After her work became famous, her loved ones started seeing it, which led to a family fight when one 45-year-old uncle paid to view it before sending screenshots to the others.

Kayla explained in her TikTok video why she didn’t hide it. There was no hiding it, but I didn’t shove it down their throats. “Over time, I got bigger and bigger, and people started seeing me,” she said.

According to Kayla, her relatives must have been clicking links and clicking buttons to find her. Her mom and sister were too afraid to confront her, so she got her dad to talk to her.

When she found out about her account, her male relative took screenshots and sent them to a family group chat. Her father was supportive and grounded about it.

Her family even disowned her completely, she said. “They took me off every [social] platform and didn’t speak to me for a year,” she said in the video. It hurt, but it was great to get rid of that toxicity. Additionally, she said she didn’t care about what people thought before.

Kayla confronted the relative after seeing the screenshots. According to Kayla, she was upset because it violated her trust in him.

However, she asked if the relative had done anything wrong, but the relative denied it and blamed someone else for it. She said, “People just start drama when they don’t have anything going on.”

As they live in the same area, they sometimes see each other, but they stare. She concluded the video by saying that people treat sex workers horribly and don’t respect their privacy.

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