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E Management Agency Reviews – Phoebe

What was your OF experience before signing with EMA?
While it was nice to connect with fans, some of their requests and messages made me feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I felt liberated to do sex work in a controlled, safe environment.


How has your account been impacted since signing with EMA?
I did gain a significant number of subscribers which is really amazing since I usually maintain long-term subscribers. I trully appreciate the overall management and assistance EMA has provided for my account.


What would you tell someone who’s considering signing with EMA?
I would recommend EMA for someone who already has a substantial amount of subscribers. If someone has less than 500 subscribers, I suggest working on marketing their account before signing with EMA.


Do you feel like your account manager is addressing all your needs well?
My account manager, Yini, is doing a fantastic job addressing my concerns and needs. She is very responsive and I feel heard with all my concerns. Yini is doing well in terms of listening to my feedback and implementing it into future posts. Overall, I am satisfied with the level of support and management EMA provides for my account.


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