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December 13, 2023

Rubi Rose Alleges Rapper Used Him In a Marketing Scheme

The guy says he never paid for anything Rubi Rose-related. The post-Rubi Rose made last week about a fan caught doing too much went viral. She revealed in her post that the man paid $60K for her photos. 

Overall, it was pretty shocking. A mocking response followed, but it did not end there. A tattoo of Rose face was later revealed on his body by her. Further, she exposed DMs from him, in which he seemed like some crazed lunatic stalking her.

Now, the guy in question is talking about it. He explained that he was used for some marketing scheme in No Jumper. He reveals below that Rubi’s team presented him with a proposal. He would be paid to pose with Rose and pretend to be a crazy OnlyFans fan. He does not subscribe to her, as the man describes. Rather, the $60K spent belonged to someone else.

Scam Allegedly Committed By Rubi Rose

He was unaware of how he would be used at first. As a ploy to sell the bit, he obtained the tattoo after the fact. He became nervous as soon as they began leaking alleged fake text messages. It has made him anxious, and he was going stir-crazy because of it. 

He was even mentioned in a still from an old porn addict show. However, the man claims that the person in the clip isn’t him and the internet is full of misinformation.

Several commenters claim Adam22 is now lying to save face. Adam is even accused of taking money from this man to help him flip the narrative. There is no proof, but fans are coming up with their narratives. 

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