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May 18, 2023

‘Ruining’ Her Mom’s Marriage After Discovering Her Stepfather Is a Top Subscriber for OnlyFans

As a longtime subscriber, Talia Maddison says her stepdad spent thousands of dollars on her content and often sent her messages. She stated in one TikTok video that they spoke every day. He made custom requests for very specific items.

“I have known this man since I was 11 years old, and he spent $2,000 on custom content (and) every video I sent him,” she stated in another video.

According to Madison, she became suspicious when someone from her OnlyFans watched one of her TikTok videos. Her contact list contained the user’s phone number, and TikTok informed her that it was a “particular” name.

The list was narrowed down to six individuals, including her stepfather. Within two minutes, my stepdad texted me, saying, ‘Hey, Tai, can we talk?’ I went with my gut, so I messaged the website account.

She revealed in part two that he denied it to all of his friends, and my mom immediately got rid of him. My stepdad watched me have S-E-X for two months with my partner, so that’s family trauma.”

Despite not revealing their conversation, her followers seem curious about his custom requests. She eventually posted a third video explaining everything he requested while keeping his identity private.

According to her, one of them was to see the underwear she wore daily. During her five-day working week, he was supposed to take photos and videos in the bathrooms.

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