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May 14, 2023

Ryan Gallagher Reveals What He’ll Do With His OnlyFans Salary as He Slams Radio Presenters For ‘Pressuring’ Him to Reveal His Income

With the only fortune he acquired from Married At First Sight, Ryan Gallagher has revealed his plans. He claimed to make up to $50,000 monthly on the adult site and be one of its most popular users.

However, he has promised that the money won’t be spent on lavish items such as Lamborghinis and will go to his family. On Friday, Ryan posted on Instagram that this money is going to his family’s future. “I’ll never own a Lamborghini; I’ll need to build my car if I’m going to drive a nice car.” “Anywho, I’m just nude, like always.”. 

His 34-year-old girlfriend is Olympic swimmer Emily Seebohm, with whom he recently engaged. According to Ryan, he was ‘pressured’ to say how much money he makes on OnlyFans by 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed, and Erin.

In response to an article titled ‘MAFS Ryan Gallagher reveals eye-watering OnlyFans salary,’ he writes: ‘If you see any articles like this, I am sorry, but I have never disclosed how much I have made, only myself and Emily know how much I have made. 

On the radio show, he was asked how much money he makes on the platform, and he replied: ‘I don’t think we need to get into that.’ 

Then Erin pressed him again to give her an idea of what he was making. It’s ‘entertaining,’ and no one would hate him for driving to work for their nine-to-five job. 

In response, Ryan stated that he earns between one dollar and $50,000 per month, and when asked if his income was closer to $50,000, he responded, “I’m in the top 3%.”. 

In an Instagram story he shared on Friday, the MAFS star stated that he had no idea that his OnlyFans would ‘blow up’ as they have. He stated, “I am now ranked among the top two percent, which I never thought was possible.”.

Thank you to all those who subscribed; I had no idea what would happen. Those of you are dirty, filthy animals, but I like it because it gives you character, so stay dirty, and if you are a dirty person but haven’t signed up, let me know. His parents weren’t interested in his adult career despite Ryan supporting his Olympic swimmer fiancée Emily Seebohm.

After MAFS, my parents lost interest in me,’ he told 2DayFM. Despite Emily’s support, Ryan said Emily wouldn’t join the adult site herself because she’s ‘respected’ for her swimming. 

Gallagher announced he was joining OnlyFans last week, but in a crushing blow, his paywalled content was leaked online less than one week after launching his account. A notorious online porn forum published Ryan’s explicit images and videos.

An industry expert said that the 34-year-old could lose tens of thousands of dollars from OnlyFans. Ryan posed in the shower completely naked in the leaked pictures. After years of thinking about it, Ryan joined OnlyFans last week.

In four years, he’s said, ‘Nah, don’t think I’ll do it.’ Well, I did. You can see a side of Ryan you have yet to see on TV with Ryan’s OnlyFans profile. His bio says: ‘Just an Aussie bloke with a big willy.’

As he welcomed fans of all backgrounds, genders, and body types, he cautioned them against sharing his paid-for content without permission. After meeting Emily Seebohm on the set of The Challenge in August, Ryan announced his engagement to her in March.

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