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October 21, 2021

Siblings Make £2 Million a Year On OnlyFans To Support Their Parents

A brother and sister who make millions on OnlyFans every year say their racy career helps them support their parents.

Daisy Drew followed her brother’s steps when he joined OnlyFans, and now her brother helps her shoot her content.

Sean joined OnlyFans back in December 2019, and soon he got recognized by his name and started raking in cash.

When Daisy found out that she’d run out of money in February 2021, she joined OnlyFans after seeing her brother making lumpsum amounts. As well, she was in New Zealand at that time.

After reaching back to Glasgow, Daisy was confused to tell her parents about her money sourcing.

She says they gave her permission with blessings and without any objection. She also added they didn’t mind and let me continue my career.

Now she has become popular and earns nearly £145,000 a month. Despite it, Daisy and her brother never make content altogether, nor does she feature in his content. 

Both are living in a luxury flat in London which has city views. However, they have already paid the mortgage of their parents and forcing them to quit their job.

Daisy said her dad is very proud of her and supports her in what she does. Moreover, she says he’s a man of men and loves to play football. Some people think he would be ashamed when I told him a story, but that’s another story.

My parents make sure that we both siblings are happy and safe, so that’s enough for them. Every parent should care about their kids like ours.

I think it’s not a typical job for me because I’m a person who always puts her phone down. 

Sean added: He never had an idea about getting too much fortune and an overwhelming response from my fans. I feel so lucky and proud of myself, but now I think people won’t understand this.

He said when Daisy joined OnlyFans, he was too happy for her success. Even though I was so pleased that my sisters and I would share the same journey, I’m honored that she’s my sister.

We both feel so grateful that we’re looking after our family, and it brings us closer.

Fans want to watch both siblings together in content, but it may be crossing a line for both of them, but it might be a downside to their lucrative careers.

According to Daisy, she and her brother have the same fan following, but still, their fans don’t know who their favorite one is.

She added custom content is normal for her, and she is getting it now and then, but the one request was extreme who wants to feature my brother in content and me. As well, he offered me $1000 for this deed.

But she didn’t do that.

When I joined the platform, Daisy said that people often spotted the family resemblance between Sean and me at first glance. And they realized right away that I’m a sister of Sean.

Daisy said: “Someone sent me a message and told me that I looked like Sean even though I didn’t mention it as her sister.”

They didn’t make content together or don’t plan for the future. But both siblings help each other take photos.

She also added that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about anything anymore when you enter the entertainment industry.

We don’t feel uncomfortable with each other hence Sean is a guy. However, Sean shot in underwear and I in a bra.

He’s so honest with me and such a perfectionist even sometimes I show him my content, and he suggests to me whether it’s good to show or not.

“I trust him as he guides me and tells me the truth about my content. So I think he’s the best for taking content with”.

Daisy added she also referred some of her male friends to Sean’s page who struggle with their sexuality.

We both siblings grew up, and I watched my brother struggle with his gender. But now, he’s proud of his sexuality.

Even I have never seen him happy in my entire life, and now he’s the influencer who motivates other guys and makes them feel comfortable.

Sean says he feels so grateful to help others those facing problems regarding their sexuality and can now earn more.

Both siblings are raking in cash. And Daisy is so happy that this job gave her the freedom of living.

She also added that nothing is more important than having a good time with a family. Recently, all family members had a trip where we booked a huge Airbnb and a messy private pool. That was our first family trip in about ten years, and my brother and I paid all expenses.

Right now, Daisy is focusing more on her career. 

Sean said it’s crazy to think about how far we are both successful as we lived in a tiny flat in Glasgow.

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