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April 25, 2023

Sofya Zhuk Opens Her Onlyfans Account: “It’s Going To Be Awesome”

Sofya Zhuk, a former tennis player and influencer, has officially launched her YouTube channel.

She used to be a talented aspiring tennis player, a Wimbledon junior champ. At the same time, a series of injuries almost kept her from the first Challengers and Top 100.

After all this, she officially retired from tennis through her social channels. When Sofya moved to America, she devoted herself to fashion and went wild with the social scene.

According to Sofya Zhuk, she will open an account on Onlyfans. Users can subscribe to Onlyfans, also called OF, and send money to content creators. Sofya then confirmed to her fans that she’d go down this path. At the moment, she wants to publish her Onlyfans account once it’s ready.

The Announcement Made On Social Media By Sofya Zhuk.

In an announcement on social media, the 23-year-old girl joked: “Well, guys, this is the moment you’ve all been looking forward to!”

I have decided to open an account with Onlyfans; I specify that only photos will be taken with clothes, so do not get too excited! The content will, however, be exciting. When it’s ready, I’ll post the link.” A lot has changed since the junior Wimbledon win in 2015; the girl who trained at Justine Henin’s academy quit tennis for good.

Sofya quit tennis in 2020, initially as a break, but her new career and physical limitations led her to move away from tennis. 

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