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June 3, 2022

Some Women Have Lost Their Jobs After Joining OnlyFans – From a Copper To a Tesco Cashier

Among the women who suffered job losses after joining OnlyFans is a veteran cop who quit her dream job after being shamed and a woman fired just two weeks after joining.

For some extra cash, stripping off online can be a risky business.

More than one million OnlyFans creators have taken the plunge to bolster their bank accounts by joining.

Some models find saucy subscription sites to be goldmines, but there are downsides.

If your boss or colleagues learn about your extracurricular activities, you may suffer setbacks.

Here are some stories of women who lost their jobs after their racy accounts were exposed.

Nurse Your Grudges

Allie Rae, a mother of three, created an X-rated OnlyFans account so her family could live comfortably.

Allie worked 14-hour shifts as an ICU nurse when she wasn’t taking care of her kids or posing for the camera.

She lost her medical career, which she spent years training for when her colleagues discovered her sexy side gig.

“My manager was informed about it, and I was called into the office about their social media policy,” the mum told the Daily Beast from Boston, Massachusetts.

I felt that people focused more on my performance outside the hospital than on my performance within the hospital.

As a nurse, I made more money on OnlyFans than as a freelancer – but once I became ‘the only fan girl,’ it tore me apart.”

She lost a career she was passionate about but is now her boss, making £54,000 per month selling snaps.

During Checkout

Stacking shelves in Tesco, Yasmin Baker decided to hand in her notice after her peers sniggered.

To sell sizzling snaps on OnlyFans, she worked at the supermarket four evenings a week.

According to the brunette beauty, 28, “I decided to keep my four evening shifts at Tesco just as a source of stability, but then my coworkers found out.”.

“They huddled in circles, passed pictures around, and whispered about me while staring at me.

The fact that these were grown adults were crazy. I decided at that time to quit that and put my whole life into OnlyFans.”

As with Allie, Yasmin has also had the last laugh.

She earned £70,000 a month on OnlyFans during the pandemic and recently moved to Panama from Britain.

Cop Out

She said she was terminated from her job as a cop because of her kinky OnlyFans page.

She was employed in law enforcement for 28 years but decided to join the adult site because she wanted to spice things up with her husband.

She recalled: “I was in shock and panicked because I never wanted to have these two parts of my life collide.

“I was furious and embarrassed because the notice described how five of my colleagues – all of whom were in lower or higher ranks than me – had accessed my paid account to gain access to my private content to investigate my conduct.”

“That didn’t seem professional or necessary to me. Everyone just seemed to want to see me naked.”.

My bosses treated my bedroom like a police station.”

She aimed to be a police officer since she was 14, and her lawyer and the local force arranged a severance package of £22,000.

Drama Soap

A high-profile sacking was Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn whose bosses handed her an injunction last year after she started an OnlyFans.

Sarah had played the character Mandy from 1996 – to 2021 on channel 4 Soap.

Therefore in the Past years since her return to the show, her legacy character has been an integral part of some of our most essential storylines, and we will be very sad to see her go.”

And Sarah Jayne, who lives in Cheshire with her husband and son, said: “I’m discouraged after so many years it has come to this.

“I’ve liked being on Hollyoaks, and I will always miss the mind-blowing cast and team. But I feel like I had to take a stand.”

Nude Sensation

When given her marching orders, Annabelle Knight was just two weeks into her new marketing job.

She said she was dobbed in by a colleague who uncovered her OnlyFans page before telling the boss.

A woman from Brisbane, Australia, was trying to save money for a house by using the site.

“The morning of the firing, My manager asked if I had any other side businesses, and I said no, assuming that she meant tax-deductible retail businesses.”

At that time, OnlyFans was not searchable, and I had capped my followers at about 1,000, where they had been for about a year.

I received an email asking me to explain myself.

“They had written all the reasons why they believed I deserved to be fired – I could hardly believe it.”

She is now selling content online and has never been happier.

However, with a sour taste in her mouth, she continued: “I did not advertise my OnlyFans anywhere, so I can only assume that somebody at my work subscribed to my OnlyFans and sent the evidence to my boss.”

“I was furious that someone from the company subscribed to my page and then shared my content.

I know what I have posted and did not need it to be re-shared. A simple conversation would have sufficed.”

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