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September 4, 2022

Sophie Carpenter, Exeter’s High-flying OnlyFans Star, Takes a Playful Swipe At Her Critics

“I appreciate all of the lovely comments and private messages; I appreciate it!”

Beauty salon owner thanks Devonlive readers for their support after using OnlyFans to fund her business. Using the funds she earned from the adult subscription platform, Sophie Carpenter, 24, opened her salon, House of You, at the beginning of the year.

Sophie made £3,700 in her first 24 hours. She earned more money than at Costa Coffee and a garage. She has owned five cars in the past year, taken multiple holidays, and purchased vehicles for her family.

Members of OnlyFans can earn money by sharing their content and videos. A subscription to the creator’s fan page is required to view most amateur explicit content. Its two million content creators have made more than three billion pounds since the pandemic.

DevonLive’s Facebook page has received a largely positive response to Sophie’s choice. She can also see the funny side of those who criticize her.

Seeing people I have never even spoken with coming out of the woodwork with a false allegation against me is more than amusing. Now I’m expecting someone to accuse me of punching their Nan or spray painting their dog pink!

Thanks to all for your kind comments and private messages. I appreciate them!
“Anyway, please subscribe; cheers, Devon live.”

One reader said: “Good for her, Sophie! Haters are going to hate! Keep doing you.”

She was described as ‘morally bankrupt’ in one comment. Nonetheless, a public member replied: “Everyone has their morals; these will differ from person to person. However, general morals include not judging, respecting, and treating others as you would like to be treated.”

Steve Fuller said, “I set up an only fans page and ended up out of pocket.” Michael Cornish observed: “Exeter has changed since I lived there.”

DevonLive spoke with Sophie about her lucrative double life. My boyfriend was quite negative about OnlyFans when I made my account, but in the first 30 days, I drove around $30,000 – nearly £26,000 – based on my Instagram followers.

It took me several years to sell explicit photographs, such as topless ones. I know many people who do full-on porn, but I don’t think I could get there. Eventually, I moved on to striptease videos, and I have started to go a bit further within the last six to eight months.

If I had to apply for a corporate job somewhere, I would struggle because if they searched for me online, they would find out what I have done. Without OnlyFans, I don’t know where I would be, but if they searched me, they would find out who I am.

OnlyFans users under the age of 23 should consider that.

I did well since I already had a good following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. You should also realize it’s not just about creating an account and getting money; you must market yourself quite well on social media.

Similarly, Sophie says that no one should feel ashamed of what she does.

Adult entertainment has been around for a long time, an industry that will never fade away. You can make money in many ways in the industry.

Many people are struggling now, and if you can make good money and are comfortable having that content online, why not?

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