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January 16, 2024

“Starting an OnlyFans Isn’t Good For Women,” Says Top Streamer Amouranth

Streamer Amouranth said in a recent stream that women shouldn’t do OnlyFans. According to her, those with a following on the platform earn significant amounts of money.

Originally, OnlyFans was touted as an opportunity to control earnings and content for sex workers. However, In recent months, opinions have shifted, with some creators regretting starting one.

In a livestream, Amouranth referred to herself as Kaitlyn Siragusa. In her video, she reacts to the video “Amouranth Simps Give Her $57 MILLION Through OnlyFans.”

Optimus congratulated her earnings in the video. “All these sad guys, you have tricked them into making you a very wealthy woman,” he said.

Siragusa responded: “You don’t even know.” “There are multiple tricks,” she said. OnlyFans is “tempting” because you don’t know any of them. “That’s how the money looks,” he said.

In his video, Optimus said women believed Siragusa’s cash was a “cheat code” to wealth. Immediately, their parents, their bosses, everyone knows that they will be fired, he said.

“My point is to discourage girls from starting an OnlyFans. You should not do this; it does not work unless you are already an established creator.”

Over 6 million Twitch followers follow Siragusa. In addition to gaming, she’s successfully made an AI version of herself to date fans, hot-tub streams, and ASMR content.

She’s also sold bath water and “fart jars” for $1,000 each, making headlines. Twitch has banned her multiple times since she joined in 2016. Her ovarian failure was diagnosed in June last year.






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