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April 15, 2022

Stripper in Sheffield Quits Journalism to Work For OnlyFans, Raking In £114,000 a Year While Tempting Married Men

Stripping online for married men earns over £114,000 a year for a Sheffield woman.
Blogger and “content creator” Leanne Car, also known as ‘Leanne London,’ lives in Mosborough, Sheffield, and spends a day posing in her underwear, making TikToks, and talking on a webcam with customers.

Born in Lincolnshire, the 33-year-old didn’t start in adult entertainment – she was a journalist first.

Her career began as a dancer, and she is a self-described creative and opinionated individual. She “quickly learned” that there were “millions” of other pretty brunettes chasing the same dream as she was.

At 27, she studied journalism. As a magazine journalist in London, her career included writing for publications like Now, Women’s Health, Good to Know, and Retail Week.
Before moving back up north, she lived in London for ten years. Since then, the “kink-friendly” online star has created ad content for herself and other brands and hasn’t looked back.

Leanne said: “After deciding that the rat race wasn’t for me, I decided to use my performance skills and writing skills to content creation, blogging, and live streaming.” Her content includes her website, and the OnlyFans page, where she charges subscribers £5 a month to access her “exclusive” pictures and videos.

Over 1,900 subscribers mean that she earns at least £144,000 a year from subscriptions alone. She claims to have “a lot of experience in dominance and fetish” and has made men online “worship” her.

OnlyFans users can also make more money through private messages and webcam chats. She also offers webcam chats for £1 to £4 per minute. “Is your wife boring you? Does your girlfriend nag you constantly?” she asks. “I’ll make to become your naughty girlfriend.

The service is similar to live streaming on TikTok, but fans can pay to chat with her in a private room – kind of like a virtual date.

Nothing is off-limits, so you can talk about anything you like, whether the weather or your deepest, darkest fantasies.

She also has a TikTok page with 23,900 followers that garner 74,200 likes on her videos, allowing her to earn more money from live streams. “Building a Tik Tok following takes time and effort,” she said. It’s taken about a year to achieve her current status – 163,000 followers on TikTok.” Fans can also “treat” her by putting money towards her Amazon Wishlist.

However, she continues to write for her blog, discussing sex, love, relationships, lifestyle, and fashion. In addition, she will be using her platform this month for a charitable cause.

For her birthday this April, she will shave her head for the Mind and Stroke Association, a cause “very close to her heart.” You read that right – I’m going to shave my head for my birthday in April to raise funds for the Mind and Stroke Association. My hair will also go to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.

Please give generously; for your help, I thank you in advance. I hope I’ll be able to make a difference, even if it’s just a little.

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