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September 3, 2022

The 46-Year-Old Joined OnlyFans And Teased Explicit Photos In A Dig At Her Estranged Wife Sheri, Who Kissed Yung Gravy At The VMAs

After Sheri Easterling’s estranged boyfriend, Yung Gravy was spotted kissing Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, at the VMAs.
He plans to upload a ‘raw and unhinged’ version of himself and some X-rated content to the subscription-only service this week.

I am loved by women and wanted by men! My rawness is too much for social media. Don’t miss out on the most explicit version of me!’ According to Lopez’s bio.

When Louise and Lopez first hung out together in late August, she convinced Lopez to join the website after she filmed herself licking a toilet seat in a bid to catch Covid.

As someone working in the ‘OnlyFans business for quite some time,’ she offered to help him create his first X-rated profile.
He wants to make explicit content with me as soon as next week.

“Monty TV” will be unfiltered, just like that. Monty will show us a more risqué side, that’s for sure.

Lopez’s OnlyFans page is live now; however, he plans to make his official debut on Sunday, September 4, in a dig at his estranged wife Sheri, who will turn 43 that day.

At the MTV VMAs, Lopez, 42, was seen getting cozy with much younger rapper Yung Gravy, 26.

The couple shocked fans on Sunday night with a very public display of affection on the red carpet.

In an Instagram post, Lopez, who has 5.3 million followers on TikTok, shaded the pair for their joint appearance.

Meanwhile, he accused his ex of keeping him from his children, saying he was tired of living a lie.

Addison, 21, is reportedly mortified by the online spat, which is the latest twist in the couple’s public split.

With 88.7 million TikTok followers, lucrative brand partnerships, and a burgeoning career as an actress and singer, Addison Rae Easterling has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

In addition to participating in Addison’s videos, her parents became prominent Internet personalities.

Her parents, Lopez and Easterling, formerly of Lafayette, Louisiana, moved to Los Angeles to support her career along with her two youngest brothers, Enzo and Lucas.

Lopez, whose wife was accused of cheating on him with younger women, seemed to be a picture-perfect family online, but cracks began to show earlier this summer.

Before the news broke, Addison unfollowed her father on Instagram. Renee Ash, 25, claimed in June that Monty lied to her about his divorce and that they had an affair for five months.

Numerous women later claimed Lopez had tried hitting on them or flirted with them on FaceTime.

However, a source close to the dad denies allegations of an affair, telling the couple secretly separated 18 months ago over other long-term marital issues.

Lopez was forced to ‘abandon’ his older daughter by his ex-girlfriend, who he claimed forced him to confess to being a grandfather.

His tweet included the hashtag ‘#tiredoflivinglie,’ and he claimed: ‘I would rather spend time with my daughter and two grandkids that SheriNicole forced me to abandon as a child. Women should never force you to choose between their blood children or hers!’

In a TikTok post posted late last month, Lopez appeared to embrace the drama surrounding his marriage, kissing much younger, controversial influencer Ava Louise.

Despite the cheating reports, the glamorous blonde revealed the two started dating in early August.

Due to his previous feud with his two-year-old daughter Addison, the new romance raised eyebrows online. In her Instagram bio, Louise describes herself as ‘problematic’ because she stirs up controversy on social media.

A public Instagram story she shared in January propositioned Addison’s boyfriend, Bryce Hall, saying: “I want to have sex with you.”.

In a follow-up post, Ava said, ‘Not hacked, just horny,’ which dispelled rumors that she had been hacked.

As a response, Addison uploaded an image captioned ‘Mine’ in an apparent message to Hall. Fans noticed that Sheri’s daughter recently unfollowed her mother because of her new relationship.

Monty and Sheri have had an unconventional relationship. Their first marriage occurred in 2004, they divorced a few years later, and they walked down the aisle again in 2014.

The child Sheri allegedly forced Monty to give up is Macy Neumeyer, who has two children of her own and seems to be the child Monty is claiming paternity to. He has also claimed paternity to Addison, 21, Enzo, 14, and Lucas, eight.

According to Sheri, she is doing well and is concerned about the scandal’s impact on her children. While Monty still listed her as his wife in his bio, she unfollowed him and removed the word ‘wife’ from hers.

A TikTok flirtation between rapper Yung Gravy and Sheri continued the drama.
On the Jeff FM podcast, Matthew Raymond Hauri said he had a ‘thing for MILFs’ and wanted to take Sheri on a date.
Just a few days later, the two attended the VMAs as a couple.

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