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June 18, 2023

The Boxing Record of OnlyFans’ Amber O’Donnell

Amber O’Donnell, a popular social media star, has now turned her attention to boxing. After soaring to fame online, other OnlyFans models and influencers, such as Logan Paul and KSI, have taken up boxing.

Amber O’Donnell: Who Is She?

A South Yorkshire-based model, Instagram influencer, and TikTok creator, Amber is an OnlyFans model. The date of her birth is June 21, 1999.

What Made Amber O’Donnell So Popular?

Due to money struggles during the pandemic, Amber joined OnlyFans and became famous.

After the UK went into lockdown, Amber described how she found herself relying on benefits to make ends meet. Amber was not eligible for leave because she worked part-time at Starbucks.

Due to her friend’s success on OnlyFans, she decided to open an account to make more money. As a result of sharing sexy cosplay photos, Amber earned around £500 in her first few weeks on the adult subscription site but has now earned about £10,000 per month. 

One of Amber’s neighbors has made it very clear she disapproves of her social media posts, even though she is very popular on OnlyFans and TikTok. The woman who lives near Amber berated her for being too loud and constantly on TikTok.

Amber recorded a video in her car of the moment the woman confronted her. As Amber admitted later, she could not believe she captured the moment on camera; she uploaded the exchange online.

After switching to boxing in March 2023, Amber joined a growing list of online celebrities who have made the switch. Her participation in the Kingpyn boxing tournament, the world’s largest influencer boxing tournament, has been revealed.

How Does She Do In Boxing?

Amber had only boxed one match at the time of writing. In April 2023, she faced fellow OnlyFans star Elle Brooke at Wembley Arena in London. The match ended in a five-round decision for Amber after a tense online exchange between the two participants.

Also, she and Elle’s sister Emily had to shove matches before the match. In July 2023, influencer Amber will face another OnlyFans star, Whitney Johns.


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