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October 27, 2021

The Business of OnlyFans Consulting Is Burgeoning

A famous entrepreneur, Amberly Rothfield, is offering marketing and brand strategy. As well, she’s offering financial services to models of OnlyFans. She’s not an easy person to hold of because her email inbox chimes with inquires around the clock, and you have to book an appointment before 6 to 10 weeks out. She’s famous more than any doctor and C-suit exec.

OnlyFans is a platform where models get paid after sharing their nude pics.

OnlyFans has boon for sex workers over the past 18 years. The Platform charges 20% of its subscription fee, but it’ll give a chance to models to earn $5B a year.

As models are increasing day by day to the Platform, Rothfield helps them grow their fan following.

Homeless To the Queen of Phone Sex

Rothfield said she faced a bleak future in her teenage.

She grew up in a household that ended up homeless and impoverished in Texas, and even “Stephen King would shudder at.”

She said her life changed in 2025 when she came across an ad. It was an ad about a job posting for an adult voice model.

At that time, Rothfield only earns $15/hour as a phone sex worker to meet her daily needs. 

She gets on her feet after renting an apartment. But after some time, she realized her company was taking the lion’s share of her rate.

After a lot of research, she finally came across a Nit Flirt. It was a company that allowed sex workers to work independently to book their customers. Even let them drive traffic and set hours and rates as they require. It was like a gig economy for dirty talks.

So to become successful, Rothfield took marketing into her own hands.

She said I learned about building backlinks, doing sales funnels, SEO, and creating affiliate links.

She became the most famous account on the site through her painstaking investigation with several variables. She spent more time on the cellphone and set per-minute rates.

 After identifying an underserved niche, Rotherfield services were expanded to other adult platforms like Minivoids, Clips4Sale, and Pornhub (“calling guys losers, cuckolding, and blackmail fantasies”).

When she was 21, she earned $600 to $900 per day on adult creator platforms.

When her annual income rose to $250k+, another member asked her for advice.

“I’m not the Western ideal of beauty. I’m 5’2″ and 250 pounds,” she explains. “When other models saw my success, they said, ‘I look like you. You don’t look like the typical successful person. How did you do it?'”

Rothfield turned all the questions she received into a 250-page marketing eBook aimed at sex workers.

OnlyFans Marketing Is Subtle but Effective.

Rothfield currently runs a consulting agency geared toward sex workers, many new to the sector.

She has advised 26k adult content creators, including college students, single moms, retail workers, and white-collar professionals. 

However, gaining visibility in the vastly populated digital tundra is no easy task.

Creating an account, showing their boobs, and taking photos is often a great way to make money. “It doesn’t work that way.”

Rothfield offers 3-hour one-on-one consultations with creators like Kelly, where she reviews their existing accounts and proposes actionable changes that they can implement within 30 days, such as:

  • Optimizing SEO
  • price model calibration
  • based on niche identification
  • Creating sales funnels
  • and cross-promotional campaigns

Rothfield says the most common mistake new creators make is not identifying their target audience.

She encourages her clients to follow their passions and be as genuine as possible. She suggests posting sexy hiking photos if you enjoy hiking. It’s important to have sexy pictures of your paintings if you’re the painter.”

One model was identified as a “poor college student” during a recent consultation.

Rothfield instructed her to change her profile picture to fit the theme, add a quirky line (“I digitally fucked my way out of college debt”), and tweak the length and titles of her videos. Rothfield says that by making a few simple changes, the model generated 12 subscriptions for $15/month.

Furthermore, Rothfield owns Athena Stats, an analytics company that scrapes data from adult platforms.

As part of her consulting work, she collects and analyzes clip lengths, titles, thumbnails, pricing, and other factors.

Webcam model platforms experienced the most traffic after 3 a.m. EST in one instance, she found. As a result, the model made three times what she generally made by streaming during the slower daytime hours.

Broadening the Economy

Richard Lewis, an online advertising veteran of more than 20 years, turned his business to serve OnlyFans creators in 2019.

In addition, he runs OnlyFans Secrets, an adult podcast that riffs on marketing lessons from other industries.

OnlyFans, according to him, is the ultimate choice for the male libido. If you look like a bikini model or have something no one has seen before, you gain traction.

There are many promotional options available to OnlyFans creators:

  • Creators can buy shoutouts from other creators who have large followings on Shoutout Express.
  • Fiverr, the gig work platform, offers over 1k services that offer OnlyFans marketing and promotional opportunities, ranging from $5 to $1k.

In addition to Lewis’ own Twitter account, 139k of his followers are male OnlyFans subscribers, and he charges $20 for a link to a creator’s account. He sells 400 posts each month.

In distinction to some platforms (Reddit, Twitter) that allow X-rated content, Instagram and Facebook don’t allow nudity.

OnlyFans’ models have created hundreds of private groups on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. They make deals with each other to promote their accounts – sometimes for hundreds of dollars each.

Due to the low retention rate of adult content, constant subscriber acquisition is crucial. Subscribers drop by 50% or more every month for creators.

Lewis says guys will subscribe for a month to see you naked, then cancel. It’s essential to find new audiences regularly.

Katherine Studley quit her full-time job to start a financial services firm for OnlyFans creators (via Katherine Studley).

The first step toward establishing a following is to gain and maintain it. 

In both Instagram and TikTok, Katherine Studley calls herself The Only Consultant.

After quitting her full-time job last year, the 27-year-old tax professional founded a Virginia-based firm to help adult creators operate taxes and unique business challenges.

She has booked over 100 clients to date, primarily young women in the 18-23 age range.

It used to be that they made $12k a year at McDonald’s; now they’re making up to $300k on OnlyFans,” she says. The problem is that they have no financial literacy and have no idea about 1099 forms or deductibles.” she continues.

Studley helped adult creators to get some attractive creative tax write-offs, which include:

  • Getting tattooed 
  • Getting manicures
  • Working out with supplements and joining a gym 
  • Dresses and lingerie
  • Sexually stimulating items

She shares tips about reporting gifts from sugar daddies and how to sell photos through Venmo on her Instagram page.

Controversy As a Catalyst for Progress

OnlyFans has adult content primarily, but it also has a lot of family-friendly posts, from musicians, chefs, and fitness instructors, to disgraced former Wall Street trader Jordan Belfort.

In August, it made headlines after it banned certain types of sexually explicit content but reversed its decision days later due to backlash.

She hopes the door stays open for others in the space as well – but for Rothfield, digital sex has been a ticket out of poverty.

Now in the mid-six-figure range, her income has enabled her to cover extensive medical costs for her wife, a disabled veteran. Besides owning her own home and land, she has been able to invest in her business. 

I have been able to accomplish things my family was not able to,” she says. I am grateful for it.











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