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July 11, 2022

The Ex-Girlfriend Of James Packer, Tziporah Malkah, 48, Reveals on OnlyFans That She Earns Money By Telling ‘Naughty Bedtime Stories

On the adults-only subscription platform OnlyFans, Tziporah Malkah, 48, has become an overnight success.

Since joining the site in July, the former supermodel, who was once engaged to billionaire James Packer, has received several unusual requests from her newfound subscribers.

One randy subscriber asked for a photo of her cooking eggs, while others requested pictures of her feet.

On OnlyFans, Tziporah also reads ‘naughty bedtime stories’ to her fans.

There’s nothing better than a naughty bedtime story, especially a happy ending,’ Tziporah said. Every night, I guarantee that.
Her former job as a traffic controller was terminated due to ‘hostile’ co-workers so she will be working on OnlyFans full-time.

While she loved that job, some people were so hostile that she had to leave. The only thing I wanted to do was do this job. It was a great experience, but I couldn’t attend every week.

Earlier this month, Tziporah launched her OnlyFans account.

Those who pay $22 (US$16.30) can view exclusive content too risqué for Instagram.

The former model was stripped naked during a photo shoot for New Idea in June 2021.

The accompanying interview reveals intimate details about Tziporah’s bedroom behavior. My home is not filled with raunchiness, but I am receptive and optimistic. ‘I think that’s where I’ve run into trouble when it comes to dating and relationships,’ she said.

It’s frustrating to date men who are fans because they want the bells and whistles I’m perhaps best known for.’

During hypnotherapy and healthy eating, Tziporah lost 50kg.

In 2020, on “Nine’s A Current Affair,” she revealed her weight-loss journey.

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