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December 29, 2023

The Former UFC Fighter Turned OnlyFans Model Paige VanZant Says Cutting Weight For Fights Causes Her To ‘Rapidly Vomit’ In an Open and Honest Conversation With Austin Vanderford

In their latest podcast episode, MMA fighter Austin Vanderford and his wife Paige VanZant debate the perils of cutting weight for UFC fights.

Typically, fighters dehydrate themselves before a fight and starve themselves or use other methods to detoxify themselves, as VanZant alluded to.

VanZant explained to her husband Vanderford why she disliked the process after he said he enjoyed it.

Vanderford says the best feeling after a weight loss is the next day. VanZant replied firmly, telling him: ‘Nope.’ He fought in the UFC for six years until 2020. ‘Here’s my TMI: every time I lose weight. My pants sucked.’

I was sick every time I tried to rehydrate after weighing in. Since USADA (United States anti-doping agency) is anti-doping, you can’t leave their sight once they see you. Maybe you’ll mask the drugs or take something to hide them. I have no idea. 

In the bathroom for two hours, I sucked my brains out while my drug tester watched.

Despite the 29-year-old’s plans to return to MMA at some point, she talked about the money she made through OnlyFans in November.

According to me, OnlyFans has been my biggest source of income. According to Barstool Sports’ Glenny Balls, she would say combined in her fighting career. Throughout my fighting career, I made more money on OnlyFans than I had in 24 hours. 


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