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May 1, 2023

The Former UFC Star Is Seen Spreading Her Legs In An Unbuttoned Outfit In the OnlyFans Tease

With over one million likes on her OnlyFans page, Paige VanZant, a former UFC fighter, has achieved incredible success in her fighting career.

After posting a picture of herself with her legs spread on Twitter, Paige VanZant teased a raunchy drop on her OnlyFans page. Since joining OnlyFans in 2022, the former UFC star, who competes in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, has been one of the platform’s biggest stars.

In her latest saucy upload, the blonde beauty has teased her many followers by accruing over a million likes on her page. She tweeted a photo of her tanned legs while wearing an unbuttoned white outfit, captioned: “11:08 PM EST the best place in the world”.

Her loyal fans showed up in the comments, one tweeting: “You’re a very beautiful person; keep doing what you’re doing.”.

One person said: “If she were mine, I wouldn’t share her.”
Many people pointed out VanZant’s feet in the picture, which looked slightly black, with one person saying: “Clean those feet, man!”

Another fan said: “Even with dirty feet, you’re fine.” More fans asked the bare-knuckle boxer to wash her feet.

She has enjoyed a busy but fruitful three years since leaving the UFC in 2020, which included signing with BKFC and appearing on the wrestling promotion AEW. She has gone 0-2 since making her debut with the bare-knuckle promotion, losing to Britain Hart and Rachael Ostovich.

David Feldman, BKFC president, recently told Mirror Fighting that the 29-year-old may have fought her last fight for the organization.

“I will speak with her this week, and maybe she will return in April on a large card we have,” Feldman stated in February. “If not, it’s likely she won’t be returning. She’s making a lot of money with her other businesses, so maybe she’s not interested in doing it anymore. “I’ll find out this week.”

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