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November 16, 2021

The Model Makes £2.2m On OnlyFans Without Showing Her Face Because She Fears Her Parents Will Disown Her

She has raked in fortune-sharing sexy snaps on the adult subscription site OnlyFans, but she has never shown anyone her face despite them offering her thousands.

According to a woman, she earned £2.2 million on OnlyFans without anyone knowing.

In photos, Bambi Blue, who goes by Bambi Blue online, covers her face to avoid being detected.

She fears being “disowned” by her family if they find out about her racy pictures; she keeps her profession a secret.

Bambi doesn’t share anything with friends or the people she dates.

It hasn’t stopped her from racking up thousands of online fans, either.

In a few short months, the former office worker from California, US, has seen her income increase from $100 a month (£74) to $250,000 a month (about £186,000).

Bambi said: “I didn’t want my parents to know I was in this business.

“I am scared that my friends and family would completely disown me if they knew what I do for work.”

I have a good relationship with my parents even though they are very strict.
“They think I’m still working at the same job.

Nowadays, it’s pretty common to work from home, which makes it easier for me not to have to explain why I don’t commute as much.”

The OnlyFans star continued: “I do worry about them finding out about my career, but I hope they’ll get used to the idea one day because it’s so important to me, and how I will meet my future husband, for sure.”

“I’m good at keeping secrets, so none of my ex-boyfriends or friends know either.”

Even though Bambi has kept her career under wraps, there have been times when she’s almost been rumbled.

It is impossible to predict when someone may be online to sext, so I’ve been in many interesting situations.

“Last week, I had to go to the bathroom to talk with a fan during a family dinner.”

Her own life has also brought her into contact with others who follow the Model without knowing it’s her.

“I was once at a friend’s wedding and realized I knew someone there who was also a fan of OF, but without knowing my face, he didn’t recognize me.”

“I almost went up to him to introduce myself, but I was too nervous about exposing my true identity.” It was so hot feeling like I had this secret relationship no one knew about.

Thousands of fans are willing to pay her to see her face.

So far, she has resisted revealing her identity.

Bambi said: “I had a fan offer me $5,000 (around £3,700), but I declined.

I also declined the offer of a trip to Italy in exchange for a single face picture from another fan.

“I’m waiting for the right time.”

She hopes that her parents will not reject her when she tells them about her career.

It is hoped that by then, they will have become more open to the idea.”

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