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April 11, 2023

The Money I Make Posting Sexy Bikini Pictures On OnlyFans Pays My Bills – I’m an Olympian

Alexandra Ianculescu is using OnlyFans to accomplish her dream of competing at the Winter and Summer Olympics. The 31-year-old took part in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

As a last-minute call-up for the speed skating team, Ianculescu came last after being unable to prepare properly. She hopes to again represent her country in Paris after transitioning to cycling next year.

Since committing to the amateur Dutch team NWVG-Uplus, Ianculescu has yet to be able to work as a personal trainer. Her Games dream has now taken center stage thanks to a new venture into OnlyFans.

Her account with OnlyFans has helped her survive, pay her rent, buy groceries, and cover the cycling and coffee expenses. There was a suggestion, ‘Why don’t you just do a behind-the-scenes video on OnlyFans? You can charge for that since you post bikini photos anyway.’ I was like, ‘Really, people pay for that?’

“So I told myself, “I’ll give myself a month and see how it goes.” And it was crazy!” After getting off the ice, I started crying. There was no way I could have done better.”

Earlier this year, Ianculescu announced her decision to use OnlyFans daily on Instagram, explaining her reasoning in detail. She started the account because people suggested selling her bikini photos because she kept getting crazy amounts of ‘likes’.

“As an athlete, pursuing an education, speaking multiple languages, and loving the image I created and respect, I didn’t want to be known as someone who sells ‘bikini shots’. “It has changed my life after my first month there.

“I make less now since I’m not as active this summer, but I enjoy training full time now, so I can go places I never thought I’d see any time soon, buy my dream bikes, save for my dream car(s), and enjoy it in a way where I don’t have to sacrifice my athletic life to work three part-time jobs like in the past while pursuing Olympic dreams.

“Before, I cared about what people thought, but now I realize their opinion doesn’t pay my bills, so I’m just going to keep owning it and using it to the max because I like how comfortable I’ve become in my own body, and how I’ve learned to love myself.

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