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September 28, 2022

The OnlyFans Influencer Elle Brooke Says She’ll Take Part In A New Boxing Bout: ‘It’s Coming

In July, Brooke defeated AJ Bunker 1-0. During Love Island, Bunker appeared.

Model Brooke mentioned in a question and answer session that she will host a boxing bout “soon” on an Instagram story.

” I promise it’s coming soon. You won’t have to wait long.”

What would make Brooke return to the ring?

Having defeated Australia’s IBF female bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges, Elle Brooke teased her audience about a possible fight.

In addition to becoming professional, Brooke could also become a “world champion.”

Boxing evolution of Elle Brooke

According to Bridges, Elle Brooke came into the gym without knowing how to throw a punch to become a boxing machine.

Bridges commented, “My friend Elle Brooke is a TikToker and on OnlyFans, but she’s not a boxer?”.

“Well, I’ll be honest; at first, I thought she was everything I’m trying to prove I’m not — just a f***ing gimmick, blonde, big t**s, whatever.”

 ” She was so determined and dedicated to her goal of getting into that ring in four months and fighting successfully. She was grafting like us, like world champions.”

“If she wasn’t Elle Brooke, and if she were just a normal person, she could do well in amateurs. After all, she’s only 24.”


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