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May 21, 2024

The OnlyFans Model Discloses The Money She Made By Using Her Breasts to Block The “Portal” Between New York and Dublin

Absurd events are occurring near the ‘portal.’ The ‘portal,’ as it is known, connecting New York and Dublin, has made news once more following Only Fans singer Ava Louise’s decision to display her breasts to Dublin residents proudly.

Since it debuted last week, the act has drawn a lot of criticism for its obscene actions. “All I wanted was for my spuds to become international,” the OnlyFans model declared. Following this occurrence, the portal was closed.

During an interview with the New York Post, the model disclosed that she had made substantial money. “In the last two days, I’ve earned $30,000 just from this whole scandal, so it’s been incredible,” the New Jersey native said.

Ava Louise made thirty thousand more platform subscribers, bringing her total earnings to ninety thousand dollars. “I’m very proud of it; it’s not easy to be successful on (OnlyFans),” she said.

Her family learned that she worked producing adult content after being featured in the papers, and her brother received pictures of her in her underwear, so this success that has helped her go viral has yet to be good.

“I never told them what I was doing, but my brother and family received content of me on OnlyFans,” she said. 

She concluded by pointing out that following the incident on the site, death threats are frequent: “People want me dead, but I don’t care.”

Throughout my career, I have gotten death threats. What can you do? People will send you death threats if you post personal information online, but that’s not my concern or anything I care about, “explained the woman.”

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