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April 25, 2022

The OnlyFans Model Says She Is Earning More Money Now that She Is Ditching the Razor

Fenella Fox’s income as an adult model has skyrocketed after ditching razors and going au natural with her body hair.

When a gorgeous model stopped shaving, her income increased from under £1,000 to more than £6,000.

OnlyFans creator Fenella Fox responded to critics who claimed removing her hair would make her “loads more” money with a defiant video.

According to Fenella, who proudly displays her armpit fuzz in the clip, she used to make $1,000 (£780) a month when shaved but now makes $8,000 (£6,200) “on my lowest months.”

Fenella says she often gets told she would “make more” if she shaved, but she says he doesn’t believe it. “I have found my job to be a lot easier and more enjoyable since I stopped shaving.”

“Bush is back!” says the 28-year-old model, who believes female body hair is becoming more acceptable as she says: “As a content creator for 10 years, I see more hairy armpits than ever.”

“We are seeing more hairy armpits on social media, but we are also seeing it in porn.”

Even though Fenella has a large following on her Instagram and OnlyFans pages, she has her fair share of trolls online and real life.

She recalls that people gawked at her unshaved legs at one house party in London.

“I’ve had friends be grossed out by my body hair and others be inspired by it. I tend to avoid people who don’t accept me for who I am.”

In Fenella’s view, men who dislike natural hair are insecure, displaying “their poor hygiene.”

I know it will annoy them, but I honestly believe that a large part of why men view hairy women as smelly is because many men have poor hygiene or diets that make their armpits smell bad.

“When I brush my teeth, I wash my armpits, and smell like lavender most of the time, but if I am stressed or don’t wash, my scent can change.
“Just like when I shave.”


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