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August 15, 2023

The OnlyFans Model’s Younger Brother Films a Promo

One of the OnlyFans models has been called out after she filmed a promo with her little brother. Araujo shared a video this week asking her brother about her career in OF.

It is awkward to see Araujo standing beside her younger sister while holding her phone.

In response, she asks, “What is it like to have a sister with an OF?”

She responds: “My friends always ask me if the shirt is pink, but I don’t understand what they mean by that.”

There is a link in my bio, but I cannot click on it. The model walks off, and the video ends. She has come in for some heat since sharing the promo on her social media channels.

Tons of people took to Twitter to express their shock at the stunt.

A girl started an OF from MrBeast’s squid games, and her brother helped to promote it. One critic wrote, “Wtf is this stuff?” In another comment, another viewer stated: “WTF did I just watch… “

One person added: “Yeah, bro, he’s gonna get bullied every day.”

Her response to the backlash she’s received is probably the result of the engineered outrage she’s received.

In response to this tweet, she says, “So, I thought I’d check in on my brother and see how he’s doing,” showing a post criticizing her. “It’s not looking too good, so…”

His younger sibling does not appear to be pleased with the attention he has been getting.

Sitting in his bedroom playing a console, he remarks: “Honestly, I no longer want to hear from you. In my group chat, I am fighting for my life, and my Twitter account is exploding, so I should have made it to Disneyland by tonight.”

As Araujo hangs up, he looks into the camera and says, “Click on my bio for directions to Disney World.”

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