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June 13, 2023

The OnlyFans Star, 18, Revealed She Started Dating Her Boyfriend After She Graduated High School and That They are Almost the Same Age

In an Instagram post, an 18-year-old influencer shocked her followers by revealing her boyfriend is almost her father’s age.

The 44-year-old nightclub boss and playboy Julian Tobias is currently dating Paris Ow-Yang, a former TikToker who created OnlyFans. Ow-Yang revealed on the Pnclads podcast that her neurosurgeon father is 46 years old.

According to the Bondi resident, her boyfriend and her father are two years apart. ‘My dad is 46, and my boyfriend is 44.’

She went on to say that when she was 17 years old, she met Tobias in a Sydney restaurant. TikTok received a flood of comments after sharing a segment of the podcast. It sounds like she just said that her boyfriend is 44 years old, did she not?’ according to a source.

She just graduated high school last year, wasn’t she?’ A second person asked. Paris has been seen out and about with Tobias, a nightclub proprietor who owns the Island and Sussudio nightclubs in Sydney Harbor.

A friend said the new couple had been ‘close friends’ for several months when Daily Mail Australia contacted them last month, but they have recently taken it to the next level, with Tobias regularly hosting Ow-Yang in his Bondi penthouse worth $5.5 million. Over the years, Tobias has dated a succession of gorgeous, high-profile women since opening his first Sydney bar in 2009.

Until 2021, Tobias was engaged to French model Charlotte Coquelin for five years before she moved back to Paris.

Then in 2016, he began dating American Instagram megastar Alexis Ren after dating Canadian actress Nina Dobrev in 2014.

While Ow-Yang has a significant presence on OnlyFans, the subscription site for adult-only content attracts 40,000 views per post.

TikTok and Instagram also have huge followings for her. 


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