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October 25, 2022

The OnlyFans Star Describes Herself As An “Ugly, Fat, Ginger Kid” Who Was Never Noticed

In her Instagram Stories, OnlyFans sensation Elle Brooke admitted that she was an “ugly, fat, and ginger kid.”

On Instagram Stories, OnlyFans’ Elle Brooke, 24, talked about her insecurities as a young girl.

One of the questions she answered from fans was: “Did you get a lot of attention when you were younger?”.

Her response was touching as she said: “If you think I am ugly now, imagine how ugly I was as a child.”.

In double homicide, I was fat and ginger. In response to another fan’s question about her natural hair color, Brooke, usually seen sporting blonde hair, confessed that she is ginger.

On TikTok, Brooke revealed a multitude of male celebrities who rejected her advances due to her large following on OnlyFans.

All of the previously mentioned stars, including Ryan Reynolds, Logan Paul, Harry from Sidemen, and Brock Lesnar, declined to respond to the 23-year-old.

When Brooke contacted former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on social media, he left her on hold.

With the caption “Guys that have left me in their message requests,” the OnlyFans attraction began the confession.

However, she did not disclose which platform she used to contact the male celebrities.

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