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June 26, 2023

The Outrage Built Our Empire As The First Mother-Daughter Duo On OnlyFans

Phoenix Rae Blue Richards and her mother Jessie Jo, started a joint OnlyFans account while in lockdown. Despite the hate they received, the publicity they received was a blessing in disguise.

Despite being trolled for starting an OnlyFans account together, a mother and daughter have emerged victorious. Having worked in the adult industry for 16 years, Jessie Jo Richardson, 55, is a glamour model.

During the lockdown, she also enlisted the assistance of her 23-year-old daughter Phoenix Rae Blue Richardson.

Since then, keyboard warriors have branded the Warwickshire-based couple “incestuous” and “inappropriate.” Despite this, they have taken advantage of the controversy to gain fame and fortune.

It is comments such as those that make people purchase OnlyFans, according to Jessie. If they enter the site and realize it is not like that, we say, “Yeah, carry on.” Nearly every American YouTuber has tried to portray us as involved in [sexual] activities, as we are regularly seen on the site.

As my son points out, “Oh, you’re on YouTube again; someone else is talking about you.” Although they are subjected to troll abuse, their family stands by them. All of our friends, as well as our partners, are very supportive of us.

There is no funny business between Jessie Jo and Phoenix Rae Blue, but a new subscriber may not be aware of this fact. People occasionally request that the duo “get it on.”

“Not from our regular customers, but we will get the occasional newcomer who will ask, ‘Oh, can you both get it on?'” said Jessie Jo.

“Either we ignore the message or say, “Look, we are mother and daughter.” that’s all; we do not even acknowledge the message.

They earn around £10,000 a month as individuals despite this awkwardness.

As a result of the lockdown, the 55-year-old glamour model decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps by opening an account with the adult subscription site. The pair decided they had to take drastic measures to gain more followers.

After extensive discussion, the duo decided to create a joint account in which they would pose together. Jessie Jo explained that she and her daughter were the first in the UK to do mum and daughter. They did the OnlyFans together, and the story went viral overnight. It was a joke,” she said.

In our joint account, it is just the two of us in lingerie and nudes. There is no touching involved, just photographs. Jessie Jo stated in her solo OnlyFans account that the content is “jaw-dropping.”

Due to their impressive careers, the couple has property in England, Spain, and Bulgaria. She commented, “Our OnlyFans pays all our bills, buys our properties, and pays for our meals regularly.”

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