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July 26, 2022

The Parents Of a Glam Teacher Have Called For Her To Be Sacked After They Learned Of Her Saucy OnlyFans Account

Miguelina Fredes, a blonde mom of two, refuses to quit her teaching job over her raunchy photos. It’s my business whether I sell my sexy photos or not.

Several saucy snaps posted by a primary school teacher on her OnlyFans account have been leaked online. A parent has now demanded that she be fired.

In Argentina’s Santa Fe province, Miguelina Fredes teaches youngsters at Superior Normal School No.30. Established in 1886; the school is regarded as one of the oldest in the country.

In the wake of discovering her X-rated method of earning some extra cash, the 28-year-old curvy model and mom-of-two have sparked outrage among her parents.

Several of the snaps show Miguelina virtually naked, with only a thin piece of fabric covering her modesty.
Another shows her with her bikini top off and her elbow covering up her chest with fabric.

According to the defiant teacher, “I do take sexy photos. Whether I sell them or not is my business.”
Lautaro Rios, a furious parent, said, “Let her live her private life, but if she makes it public, that’s not compatible with teaching.”

“My daughter, who is eight years old, saw her on the first day of school and again when she returned. “Despite being there for a week, she posts to social media daily.”

Miguelina said she would not resign her titular position despite her parents filing complaints with the school authorities.

The Union of Education Workers in Buenos Aires petitioned a court in 2017 to prevent data collection by an IT system.

The psychologist Oliver James points out: “Because they are authority figures, teachers provide pupils with a model of moral and social conduct as well as pedagogy.”

“This is their role, whether they like it or not.”

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