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September 8, 2023

The Tormentor’s Father Subscribes to OnlyFans Star Who Was Viciously Bullied at School

According to a recent TikTok video, the adult star finally retaliated against a ‘girl from my hometown who tried to ruin me’.

A modern version of the “Chicken Dance” plays in the background as Lucy dances in front of her pool.

This video’s caption indicates that the father of her bully has subscribed to her. Despite her fans sharing the video and using emojis to express their enjoyment, Lucy had a few detractors, too.

The OnlyFans star was often referred to as fat, while others criticized her behaviour as inappropriate due to her size.

Lucy, you need to seek assistance. Your behaviour is not healthy. A follower requested that someone be contacted.

Despite driving significant revenue to the site, the Australian mother-of-two feels unsupported despite her efforts.

We earn billions of dollars for this company as adult creators, yet we are not aided in any way. Banks described OnlyFans as treating its creators as cash cows.

They enjoy the revenue we generate for them, but they remain distant from us despite the revenue we bring them. It is time for me to leave.

Having used OnlyFans for four years, Banks stated that she contacted OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan after discovering her account was set to be deleted.

She told me that I was on the list of people to be deleted because I sold my Snapchat code, which isn’t even illegal.

She was shown screenshots of where I had contacted OF Support to ensure I was allowed to. The porn star stated that she did not care. She simply told me to appeal the deletion of my account after it had occurred.

It is gross that Ms. Gan was dismissed. We are out here baring all, and we receive no support. I was excited to learn the new CEO is a mother.

She recently admitted losing some relationships due to becoming an OnlyFans millionaire.

Everyone desired to have a sticky beak, she told MamaMia.

Despite my guilt, another part of me kicked in and told me, “You have not personally offended those people. You remain the same person,” she said.

Her family shunned her for almost two years, with some relatives refusing to speak with her.

She previously stated that she stayed on the adult platform to build a secure financial future for her two sons, and this is what kept her motivated.

In just four years, the brunette beauty has earned more than $1 million from her platform and has over 500 subscribers.

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