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December 2, 2023

‘This Can Only Go Bad,’ Charlie Sheen Says About Daughter Sami’s Career With OnlyFans

Sheen’s daughter Sami gained huge attention last year when she joined OnlyFans, a subscription service that allows creators to share and monetize explicit content.

“She is 18 years old now and lives with her mother,” Sheen said via his late representative at the time, expressing disapproval. As I cannot prevent this, I advised her to keep it classy and creative without sacrificing her integrity. It did not happen under my roof.

Sheen has backed down from his initial “knee-jerk reaction,” saying he’s now on board.

The reputation that preceded it had me reacting knee-jerkly to it. I was like, “Oh, this can only go wrong.” “That doesn’t go with my usual way of thinking, but it’s just a different set of circumstances when your kids are involved.”

It would have been much more enjoyable and successful if I, her mom, and others had supported her. As long as I have faith and trust in her, all the beautiful things that make her, her, will come with her. His daughter, now 19, is incorruptible, he said.

She changed her story after her mother, Denise Richards, accepted her daughter’s career path. 

“There’s a certain perception with this, so you should think twice about doing it,” said her daughter. “After she joined, it went viral, and she got a lot of backlash. I was worried about her because she’s so young.”

She’s used to scrutiny. “I’m a grown woman, and many things have been said about me, good and bad, over the years. It still hurts,” she told the outlet. Eventually, her tune changed, too, and she joined OnlyFans.

“My career took off with ‘Wild Things,’ but I’m sure everyone had their own opinion. It’s then viewed as a sex symbol, and what you do is considered sexual,” she added, comparing the popularity of the film she made in 1998 to Sami’s rise in fame. 

Richards is less than thrilled with the prospect of Sami getting a breast augmentation. “When I was a teenager, people teased me about my boobs because they were mosquito bites. I did mine when Sami wanted them done,” she said. 

The daughter of Richards and Sheen wants a boob job. “My goal is to talk her out of it because when I was 19, I had no idea how toxic they were,” Richards explained. “Also, it’s a painful surgery!”


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