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March 6, 2023

Through OnlyFans, Sacked Teacher Earns More Than Her Husband

After students discovered her adult content online, Samantha Peer was sacked from her teaching position. She claims she now earns more than her husband simply by having sex with him.

Her husband earns more money than her because she has sex with him on videos for OnlyFans after she was fired for making racy videos.

After students discovered a video she had made in the classroom, Samantha Peer, now known as Khloe Karter, lost her job at Thunderbolt Middle School in Arizona.

In a short clip posted to Instagram on Friday (March 3), the mum-of-two showed off her body in nothing but a skimpy red bikini.

She made eye contact with the camera while Anne Marie and Aitch’s ‘Psycho’ played over the video.

By having sex with him, she is making more money than hubby, and she captions the clip, “Neither of us is complaining.”

“Employee of the month,” one fan joked.

Another commented: “I love this outfit !!!”

Another said: “Delicious.”

Peer said in a YouTube clip about her sacking last year: “I’m remorseful; I miss it a lot.”.

“I have never requested sympathy; I just want to move on with my life, this is not where I wanted to be, and it hurts every day.”

“It’s not fair that my name and family have been dragged across the nation; people are threatening to come after me, to show up at my house, to go after my four-year-old and seven-year-old; it’s not fair to them.” She continued.

“Yes, I’m still advertising because I can’t leave my house. I guess it’s impossible to find a job in my town.”

According to Samantha, she loved her old job and regretted not being able to do it again.

According to her, she was a “passionate” and “very good” teacher, adding: “I know this was a huge mistake, but I’m also a person who makes mistakes too. Although this was a big mistake, it does not define who I am in the future.”

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