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September 9, 2023

TikTok Is Followed by Dozens Of Pornographic and OnlyFans Stars In NY State Sen. Gustavo Rivera

Besides being a fan, he’s also a follower. In a review by The Post, conservative state senator Gustavo Rivera has been found to follow dozens of salacious accounts on TikTok, including at least 36 who also maintain accounts on OnlyFans, according to a review by the publication.

Influencer Jesse Switch, a brunette, recently made a video demonstration of various ways to use her money-maker to make unique sounds.

Has it ever occurred to you that you might be interested in learning how to make it clap? she asked.

Besides Heidi Lavon, the Bronx lawmaker is a TikToker with leather outfits, whips, and a listing on OnlyFans as “Viral Cosplayer.”

In a message to Rivera and the rest of her followers, Jenny Locke stated: “You’re grumpy because you need to get laid.”

The Albany Democrat has previously endorsed prostitution and co-sponsored legislation decriminalizing it, so critics were not surprised by the TikTok roster he followed.

“Democrats have sexualized our culture,” a Republican state legislator said. “This is their agenda, from legalizing prostitution to normalizing lewd behaviour in public.”

As Chairman of the Senate Health Committee, Rivera is unmarried and 47 years old.

As far as his personal TikTok account is concerned, he has not posted any videos.

Senator Julia Salazar and Senator Jabari Brisport, both Socialists, also follow it. There was no comment from Rivera.








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