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July 2, 2022

Together, Mum and Daughter Have Made Over £100k on OnlyFans

We introduce you to the mom and daughter, who are both on OnlyFans and have already made over £100,000 combined. At the start of the new year, Evie Leana, 37, made an unconventional resolution: to join her teenage self on the adult platform.

Her account was created after she had gone through a breakup and had seen her daughter’s success. Evie describes herself and Tiahnee, 19, as the “hottest mum and daughter” on the site.

Despite making nearly £100,000 together, the two are very candid about one another’s sexual activities. Their response to backlash is that they “do not care if it is controversial,” laughing off any backlash.

“It’s a great way to express myself sexually and also have fun,” Evie, from Adelaide, said, adding that even if she weren’t earning money, she would still have fun.

Tiahnee posts lingerie and bikini photos, while her mother posts photos of a more “explicit” nature. After Tiahnee set up an account with OnlyFans when she turned 18, Evie was initially hesitant about the idea despite her current success.

Initially, I was against Tiahnee setting up an account. I was concerned about her safety and why people were subscribing when they could get such content for free.

She just completed school, and I wanted her to focus on studying, but she started it anyway.”.

Tiahnee confessed that she thought of starting an OnlyFans account “for a while.” As a teenage girl, I started posting bikini photos on Instagram just a few months after turning 18.

I love to dress up and take sexy pictures, so why not do what I enjoy and make money from it. I have discussed the idea with my boyfriend, who has been encouraging since I started.”

Before setting up her page, Tiahnee had a substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which made gathering subscribers an easier task. “It’s a wonderful job, and I love what I do.” She added.

Evie confessed her concerns began to disappear while monitoring her daughter’s account – watching the money roll in and Tiahnee in her element. She said she held a very different opinion after a year – In 12 months, Tiahnee made £57,000.

In her words: “I think that by me accepting it and being okay with it, I am gifting my daughter with the freedom to choose what she wants to do with her life and her body. I believe that freedom and having the right to decide is fundamental to feminism.”

I saw that nothing bad happened and that it was very common, and I am glad she is not doing anything pornographic – just taking bikini and lingerie pictures.

My daughter has assured me that she won’t be posting nudes or anything else, just bikini and lingerie photos. Our security measures had been put in place to protect her from harm”.

The catalyst for Evie’s decision to join OnlyFans was the end of her relationship last September.

She then decided to join Tiahnee in January and has already earned £43,000 from the site.

It was great to do it from the comfort of your bedroom as no one’s managing you.”

Evie added: “I had a lot of people telling me that if I joined the site, I would kill it because I’m hot and good looking, so I had so many encouragements.

“It’s a good opportunity for girls inclined to go into sex work anyway or to look to get out of sex work that is not so safe.

Evie’s biggest supporter was Tiahnee, who “loved the idea from the start.” Evie said she learned “what works and what doesn’t” – and made £5,600 in the first month.

For those unsure whether or not to join the notorious site, Evie recommends first weighing up the options.

She said: “You need to consider whether it suits your lifestyle, you have the time, your family and friends will accept it.

“There are many strategies to capture people’s attention: photography, editing, posting regularly, responding to messages, and all the platforms you have to post on. But it would be best if you also considered your ethics – I try to live as meaningful a life as possible, so I do not want to do that all day long.

“There is a lot to weigh up, and it comes with risks depending on each individual’s situation.”

The two claim they have never felt unsafe on the site and are unconcerned if it is controversial, laughing off any backlash.

The website allows Evie, from Adelaide, to express her sexual side and have fun. Furthermore, even if she didn’t make money, she would “keep doing it anyway” because she has so much fun.

Tiahnee’s content is primarily lingerie and bikinis, while her mum posts more explicit photos. Although she is currently successful, Evie was initially hesitant about the idea after Tiahnee started an OnlyFans account in 2020 when she turned 18.

Initially, I was concerned about Tiahnee’s safety and why people subscribed when they could get that kind of content for free. She had just received her diploma from high school, and I wanted her to study, but she began it anyway.

Although she has been in a relationship since she was 13, Tiahnee said she had the idea of starting an OnlyFans account “for a while.”

She said: “I started my page just a few months after turning 18 – I always wear bikinis and take sexy pictures, so I decided why not make money by doing what I love.” Her boyfriend has been very supportive since she started.”

Tiahnee had a large following on Instagram and TikTok before she set up her page, making gaining subscribers easier. She loves her job, and the job has been extremely successful for her.

When she began watching the money roll into her daughter’s account and watching Tiahnee enjoy herself, her concerns began to diminish. Tiahnee became very different after earning £57,000 in just 12 months.

Every woman needs the right to make her own choices, a fundamental tenet of feminism. Accepting and being okay with it gives my daughter the freedom to make her path.

She assured me that she would only be posting bikini and lingerie photos. To protect her privacy, her privacy settings were set to private, and her location was not displayed. When I saw that nothing terrible had happened, I realized it was widespread – she’s just modeling, but I’m glad she’s not doing pornography.

Evie ended her relationship last September, which prompted her to consider joining. OnlyFans has made her £43,000 since January.

Evie said: “I heard a lot of people tell me I would be great on this site – I got so many encouraging comments! If you do it from the comfort of your bedroom, no one manages you.

It’s an excellent opportunity for girls inclined to do sex work or get out of more dangerous sex work. I’d say it’s a positive way to earn money.

Evie’s biggest and most unexpected supporter was Tiahnee, who “loved the idea from the start.” Evie said she learned from her daughter “what worked and what didn’t” and was able to make $5,600 in her first month.

Evie recommends weighing the pros and cons of joining the notorious website before joining.

According to her, you need to consider whether it suits your lifestyle, your schedule and whether your family and friends will accept it.

“There are many ways to catch people’s attention: photography, editing, posting regularly, responding to messages, all the different platforms you have to use – it’s hard work.

But think about your ethics – I try to live a fulfilling life, so I don’t want to be doing it every day.

It comes with risks depending on each individual’s situation. Since the story appeared in Australia, Evie and Tiahnee have only received negative backlash and criticism for their work. However, they report that their close friends have been supportive.

Our families and friends have been super supportive, and that’s all that matters.”

Evie’s percentage on OnlyFans is 0.68%, and Tiahnee’s is 1.2%, after losing her account last year with over 3,000 subscribers.

Compared with other users worldwide, the percentages show how ‘successful’ an influencer’s page is. Evie explained: “The top 0.01% make ridiculous amounts of money. The goal is to keep that number as low as possible”.

Having mastered a healthy balance with the page while working full-time in the beauty industry, Evie now admits.

Every morning and before I go to bed, I post and answer all her inbox messages for an hour,” she said. “But I still have personal and business goals I will not let go of.”

Her daughter hopes to maintain her page for the foreseeable future, but Evie plans to remain on

OnlyFans for a couple more years. She said: “I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I love my job and I love my fans, they’re respectful and I couldn’t ask for any

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