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October 19, 2021

Vienna Museums Are Venturing Onto OnlyFans to Showcase Sexually Explicit Art

After starting an account on OnlyFans, Vienna’s tourism board moved onto the NFSW site in protest against artistic censorship on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

In recent years, many museums in the Austrian capital encountered difficulties promoting their works due to the guidelines of these platforms.

After displaying Nayoubi Araki’s images, which showed a partially ambiguous bust, the TikTok account of the Albartian museum was suspended and blocked.

Peter Paul’s painting faced obstacles in 2019 when Instagram claimed it showed nudity. (Even guidelines already stated that nudity in an artwork is OK).

In 2018, 100 years after Egon Schiele’s death, the Leopold Museum was criticized for its Egon Schiele collection, deemed too racy for ads in the US, UK, and Germany.

Instagram and Facebook also rejected the video featuring Koloman Moser’s Liebespaar that made the marked Leopard museum on its 20 anniversary.

In 2018 Facebook also removed the statue Venus of Winderloff, claiming a 25,000 years old figure deemed pornographic.

While talking to the Guardian about the OnlyFans launch, Helena Hartlauer, a spokesperson, told some institutes find it virtually impossible to use their artwork in promotional materials.

You can work without that, Hartlauer added, but for Vienna, these networks are essential. She claimed the self-portrait by Sichele from 1910 was one of the most iconic artworks. It’s unfair and frustrating if they couldn’t use this on social media platforms. That’s why we allow OnlyFans – the best way to show things.

It’s also a way to encourage art lovers to head over to OnlyFans Vienna’s adult content also drives visitors back to the city after Coronavirus closures. Even many subscribers are waiting impatiently to see the artwork in the gallery after receiving a Vienna City Card or admission ticket.

Artists are already aware of Instagram’s nudity censorship. It also targets artistic images. In the August exhibition, Char, Elissa, and Nyome starred in a nude portrait. The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight the issue’s inordinate effects on marginalized bodies.

“Vienna tourist board and artwork under this type of collection are easier for those artists who fall under censorship,” Hartlauer says. Only Fans project is also raising the same awareness about these restrictions.

She criticized Instagram and said, we know the limit. Now they decide what to censor, and sometimes social media platforms like Instagram censor images you don’t know even know-it’s very translucent.

OnlyFans already faced controversy after surrounding NSFW content. Adult creators on OnlyFans are still skeptical about their future. They also rallied against economic discrimination that encouraged the plan changes.

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