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November 8, 2023

Viral Plane Woman Tiffany Gomas On Her OnlyFans Account: “I’m Probably Going to Retire Next Year”

Learn about Tiffany Gomas, the ‘not real’ plane woman who resists joining OnlyFans.

Online fame and social media make it easy for people to become celebrities for the least expected reasons. The “not real” airplane woman, Tiffany Gomas, went viral in July 2023 after a bizarre outburst. Her video, in which she allegedly called someone “not real,” went viral. 

It’s been a wild ride for Gomas since then, appearing on platforms like Barstool Sports and even dressing up for Halloween. OnlyFans’ offer to join her is what sets her apart. 

Never forget this viral meltdown

That horrific July 2023 plane crash may have started Tiffany Gomas’ viral stardom. Her seemingly innocuous outburst would affect her life forever. She had no idea how this seemingly innocuous outburst would change everything. Video of the frantic situation onboard the jet drew people from all over. Her popularity skyrocketed after the video went viral, and she became an instant star online. 

The road to internet stardom 

Her fame grew, and she soon found herself in the middle of an unexpected adventure. In addition to Barstool Sports, she’s a popular guest on various media platforms. It shows her ability to connect with her audience by sponsoring a Halloween costume contest where followers dressed up like her. She received many tempting offers as her fame grew.

The allure of OnlyFans 

A fascinating proposal she got was to join OnlyFans, an increasingly popular site. She spoke on the Macrodosing podcast about what kind of content she might make for the platform while the internet was buzzing with speculation. According to Gomas, neither OnlyFans nor Playboy had offered her anything due to her sudden fame. When Gomas was asked about the financial prospects of a career at OnlyFans, she admitted she might retire by next year. 

An idea and a personal choice 

Gomas said that she didn’t intend to join OnlyFans despite the allure of financial freedom it may bring. Such a change contradicted her principles and identity. In his words, Gomez said, “I’m not knocking it at all.” “I just don’t find it appealing.” “I have a good career.” Her refusal of OnlyFans demonstrates her commitment to staying true to herself, even when significant financial rewards are offered. 


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