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March 22, 2022

Weird Requests and How OnlyFans Helped One Creator Love Her Plus-Size Figure

One of OnlyFans’ top 0.4 percent creators, Audrey Aura, has revealed some of her most ‘bizarre’ requests from fans on the subscription site – and nothing surprises us anymore!

Audrey registered on the site in March 2020 and received her first custom request within one month. She continues to accept custom requests that are not what you would expect.

Audrey was surprised when her first custom request was a video of herself star-jumping, naked.

Even though I was more than willing to comply, it was not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done physically. Even with a sports bra, jumping and large breasts don’t mix well. The most painful request I’ve ever had to fulfill was to do star jumps while turning in a circle to show all angles.

Audrey says she was concerned about how she would fit into the industry as a plus-size creator and how successful she could become like someone who does not meet the typical beauty standards imposed by society.

She says these were her favorite requests since they were usually fun, easy, and rarely explicit. Audrey sometimes says the videos require a camera angle that she couldn’t achieve with a tripod. She would call her husband – yes, husband – into the room to be her cameraman for these wild requests, and he would always assist after a giggle to himself.

My husband is here!” she says. Our relationship has lasted five years, and we’ve been married for one, so I started doing OnlyFans after we’d been together for three years and had a son together, who is now almost four years old.”

He has been supportive and has always viewed it as a career from the start. I first mentioned it to him, and he was surprised but supportive, telling me if I wanted to try it, that was fine with him. So I started an account, and we talked about boundaries and expectations.

In the beginning, I often checked with him to make sure he was still comfortable with it and that I wasn’t crossing any boundaries. He eventually told me to stop asking and said to me if there was anything he wasn’t comfortable with. He has not had to say anything because we discussed boundaries, and they haven’t changed.

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