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November 3, 2021

What Does a Good OnlyFans Manager Do Exactly?

Did you post a photo on Instagram? Bam! You’re now an influencer. Being an influencer is as easy as sharing a photo or posting a tweet, but that doesn’t mean you’re effective. Being an influencer and an effective influencer are two different ballgames. And, if you plan to be an effective OnlyFans influencer and model, where the competition is cutthroat and fierce, you’re going to need to consider an OnlyFans management agency. But what does a good OnlyFans manager do

Relationship Building

Most managers do one thing: manage an account. While it’s not wrong, it’s not entirely right either. It’s not uncommon for managers to create a basic strategy outline, and use that outline for most of their clients. They’ll claim that the outline works for everyone, but that’s not true. Every model and influencer is different. They have different needs and different goals that can’t fall into one strategy.

Instead, a good OnlyFans manager will do more than just manage an account. They will take preemptive steps to get to know their model, their brand, and their followers. Good managers will build a solid relationship with the model they’re aiding, taking the time to gather information to create an effective and efficient strategy that meets the desired goals of the model.

Optimize Your Account for Success

After learning about their model’s goals and desires (and the fanbase that follows them), a good manager will use this information to optimize their account for success. This includes managing content, creating content, scheduling post times, and interacting with fans.

One task that an effective manager will be able to accomplish is scheduling content to be posted at the right time. The previous information they gathered can be evaluated to find the most effective posting times. This information will then be used to create a posting schedule that allows OnlyFans models to maximize their gross sales.

Good managers will also be able to manage direct messages with fans, which will allow models to interact with their fanbase, increasing their popularity because of the added tangibility. The fanbase is the prime reason for a model’s popularity, and tangibility will allow the model to build a strong connection with their fans.

A good manager who can maintain and interact with a fanbase will also use these interactions to aid in creating personalized content. Personalized content will meet the interests and desires of the fanbase, allowing them to feel appreciated and important; this gives models motivation to remain dedicated.

Support the Model

A manager is not here to tell the model what to do and how to do it. They’re a supporting role and tool that the model can use to increase their fanbase and boost their revenue. A manager is there to aid the model in their endeavor through OnlyFans, and not control everything that’s happening. Unfortunately, that’s what typical managers seem to believe.

A good OnlyFans manager will do the opposite of this; they will support the model from the background. Their only goal should be to help manage and maintain an OnlyFans account, and to push the account towards success by increasing fanbase, revenue, and recognition.

Choose EMA For a Quality OnlyFans Manager

It’s easy to find a management agency, but it’s not so easy to find one whose prime focus is building and managing OnlyFans accounts. E Management Agency (EMA) is an OnlyFans management service that purely focuses on supporting OnlyFans models in achieving their goals.

Our team of content strategists and managers have helped models in the top 1% and have boosted revenue for models by 50%. We believe in putting time and effort into helping our models achieve success, and at a lower cost than most larger agencies! If you’re interested in hiring a dedicated OnlyFans agency, visit EMA and request a proposal!

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