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May 26, 2022

What Is Corinna Kopf’s Net Worth Off OnlyFans

One of the most successful influencers in the game right now is Corinna Kopf. In May 2022, the stunning model had 6.5 million followers on her main Instagram account, @corinnakopf, and another 634,000 on her second account, @corinnascamerarole.

Kopf’s decision to start creating and selling content on OnlyFans, the infamous platform known for its adult content, was big news when it was announced. She delighted her followers on Twitter back in June 2021 when she tweeted, “f**k it… 500,000 likes, and I’m making an onlyfans account.”

That tweet didn’t have more than 396,000 likes as of May 2022, but that didn’t stop her from creating the account anyway. The influencer confirmed her official is joining a few days later. She wrote, “HAPPY 6/9 !! MY ONLYFANS HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED,” alongside the picture of herself sucking a lollipop in matching undies and crop tops.

In short, things have been pretty good for the model since then, as Kopf has been making a lot of money from the photo and video sharing platform. That’s a lot of money.

Kopf’s Earnings From Only Fans Have Been Revealed

Korinna Kopf tweeted that she had already made a ton of money from OnlyFans just a day after setting her account live. What is the exact amount? Fans Metric has estimated that Kopf makes between $1.34 million and $1.67 million a month from the site, while Celebrity Net Worth claims she’s worth $10 million.

Kopf claimed in one of David Dobrik’s vlogs in August 2021 that she made $1 million first in two days of being on OnlyFans (which is not too far off from how much Bella Thorne made herself) and around $4.2 million in a month, adding, “My first t*t pic ever made.

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